4 business ideas that take another step forward in their fields

SHOW2BE: Marketing Version 3.0

Before SHOW2BE was founded, Raul Calleja has been involved in the development, creation, production, organization and management of professional fairs in Spain and abroad for more than 20 years. These are the prerequisites that made him realize that the sector, if it wants to keep up and adapt to the times, must change, which is why he founded SHOW2BE as a result of an alliance between a strategic consulting company Cibexpy and an experiential marketing and events agency 4 for everything.

Convinced that “Vertical and specialized trade fairs are the most powerful and comprehensive sales, marketing and communication tool out there.”, what Raul Calleja aims to do with SHOW2BE is to promote the development of a new generation of B2P fairs (Business for people) using all new technologies applicable to the sector.

To do this, he makes it available to everyone players involved “resources and work strategies aimed at creating direct and meaningful connections between companies and people, prioritizing personalized experiences and human interactions in a business world where innovation and new technologies respond to create new services, solutions and tools to drive the growth of companies, empowering reference sectors and professionally developing audiences and industry communities through the most effective fair services, fairs and events, as well as Fair 3.0 and B2P marketing solutions.” Here’s how the CEO of Events sums up the reason behind the new company.

Just ecosystems

As a new fair operator, they offer a comprehensive 360º solution that integrates technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain or augmented reality, among others. In this way, they obtain the most relevant indicators for all participants in the sector, from visitors to investors or each exhibitor, to whom they provide the same valuable results as return on investment (ROI) or return on experience (ROX). .

The driving idea is based on the development of individual trade fair ecosystems with the aim of going beyond the 2-3 days of the fair and extending the relationship throughout the year, making them accessible to industry associations, professional clusters or government administrations. tools and services for 360º co-creation.

Sustainability is also central to SHOW2BE’s value proposition, applying it to work methodologies, processes, material use or energy consumption.

4 business ideas that take another step forward in their fields
Christian Andrades, CEO of Kumobox.

Kumubox: Netflix of teachers

More than 63 thousand teachers they already use Kumuboxa platform which offers learning resources, training and innovative tools so that the teaching in the classroom is the most advanced and that manages to constantly update the teachers.

A platform created Laura Caldas in Christian Andrades, both teachers, offers more than 1000 learning resources, more than 50 specialized trainings and many tools to help teachers in their daily life. Users can access all of them through a monthly or annual subscription.

Another success of Kumubox was the creation and software which allows teachers to adapt to LOMLOE requirementsalso known as Selao’s law, which forces teachers to develop about 20 learning situations each year – according to the autonomous communities – an effort Andrades compares to “filing an income declaration 20 times a year”, given the burden of bureaucracy it entails.

The solution has just won an award for the first demo day of the year, held in La Nava, with the participation of startups developing innovative solutions for the education sector. For this reason he stated Christian Andrades, CEO and co-founder of this startup: “Since 2020, we have faced countless challenges, guided mainly by our intuition and passion for teaching. However, we recognized the need to expand our training and network to take Kumubox to the next level. That’s why we signed up for this acceleration program. “La Nave will be key to continuing this process and expanding our project with a stronger foundation and a clearer focus.”

The company already has a team of eight with a registered turnover at the end of 2023 of €350,000, almost double the previous year. The tool helps teachers of compulsory education.

4 business ideas that take another step forward in their fields
Christian Rivas and Santiago Tobon.

Aloja Experience: Experiential Marketing for Brands

Aloja Experience is a solution that was born in November 2020 as a platform that connects recognized brands of all types interested in running a campaign with non-hotel tourist accommodation for example country houses, villas or chalets.

They present themselves as convinced pioneers in experiential marketing Santiago Tobon, The company’s CEO and co-founder along with Christian Rivas Kolb, that “virtually the entire tourism sector now revolves around offering experiences. It’s not just about destinations, it’s about impact and creating unforgettable memories, unique moments that you can experience with your partner as well as with friends or family.”

There are currently more than 22,000 accommodations registered on the platform, which they say “pass through more than 100,000 travelers every month.”

The MEED effect What gives rise to this idea?

As a business concept, innovation is about creating a new channel, creating a unique experience for brands. “We empower brands to create what we at Aloja Experience call the MEED Effect.” Each of the abbreviations is translated as follows:

M: Momento is perfect to influence people at one of their best times of the year

E: WOW effect equivalent to unexpected and surprising exposure

E: The perfect environment closest to your own home

D: Durability. The brand accompanies you throughout your stay

The company was created by the founders in the midst of the pandemic with an initial investment of 20,000 euros, to which they added loans and other funding channels until they reached the 250,000 euros they have invested to date. They already have status as clients such as Mahou San Miguel, Pernod Ricard or Laboratorios Dermofarm.

4 business ideas that take another step forward in their fields
Vicente Ruiz.

Tbig Finance: financial guardian of companies

A CFO in a company is a person responsible for managing finances. For those small and medium enterprises and startups that cannot afford to have such a figure in the organization, Tbig Finance was created in 2020, a company aimed at facilitating their growth and development.

“Our mission is to accompany them so that they can achieve all their goals, and we do this by putting at their disposal all our knowledge and I know how helping them to correctly define, implement and monitor the best financial strategy,” he states. Vicente Ruizthe general director of the organization.

“It’s About People”

At Tbig, they say their motto is #estovadepersonas. In this direction, they strive to establish strong relationships with their customers, based to do so on three pillars:

Commitment to innovation, both in the use of technology and in the creation of new services tailored to the needs of clients according to their case.

personalization, understood as the ability to adapt and understand the business model of each company with an emphasis on its profitability.

Experience based on the years accumulated by the Tbig management team.

In the specific case of startups, they understand that their solution is appropriate given that these types of organizations prioritize product and market. It is when they need financing that they realize the value of financial management in every part of the business. To do this, they offer their CFOs as external specialists, a profile that is increasingly in demand and, accordingly, more expensive to hire. in the house.

Tbig Finance currently works, directly or indirectly, with more than 90 companies of all types, striving, in each case, to match the ideal fit between a professional CFO and the needs of a corporation.

Finally, as specialists who are also involved in finding ways of public funding, they claim to have completed 2023 by attracting almost €3 million in public funding for their clients.

4 business ideas that take another step forward in their fields

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