7 qualities of a female entrepreneur, according to Harvard

Starting a business is influenced by various factors, starting with the idea and capital. But another important part of building a business afloat is the person who takes it on, who will know how to manage the project at each of its stages.

The one who starts a new business is able to take advantage of all the opportunities that open up during life. Today we will talk about some of the qualities that a woman entrepreneur possesses, according to Harvard.

7 qualities of a female entrepreneur, according to Harvard

An entrepreneur is someone who forms hypotheses about ways to offer added value and carries out the entire structural process that allows them to validate their ideas, as outlined by Harvard Business School. There is no single profile of entrepreneurial people, but it is true that there are a number of characteristics and skills that are important for an entrepreneur. Below we list a number of qualities of a female entrepreneur, according to Harvard.

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1. Curious

Entrepreneurship is a process of discovery, without curiosity it is impossible to achieve the main goal, which is to discover new opportunities. A key characteristic of a leading personality is a sense of curiosity. Women entrepreneurs with a spirit of curiosity will allow themselves to constantly seek new opportunities. Not content with what they know, they are constantly asking themselves challenging questions that mean exploring different paths.

Such curiosity can lead them to discover valuable opportunities in the professional field.

2. Experimentation and innovation

An entrepreneur will also have the capacity for insight that leads her to experiment, such as the type of thinking that allows her to develop. With the opportunities that will come your way, you will test whether it is really worth continuing on this path. Testing will be necessary to test the potential of your idea. Furthermore, innovation often goes hand in hand; Adding value to what has already been planned will continue to cultivate a form of strategy, having the opportunity to develop all of your skills and develop creative problem solving.

3. Adaptability

There will always be challenges and opportunities in the business environment, and the most prepared must be ready to face any scenario and know how to adapt to it. They will need to evaluate all situations and be flexible in each one to ensure progress in any project regardless of the changes that may occur.

Adaptability implies, of course, a tolerance for disappointment.

4. Decisive

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Making decisions will be fundamental for an entrepreneur, no matter how difficult they are, they will have to be accepted and respected. Having the ability to decide does not mean always being right; Trust will be part of the process, you need to know how to make difficult decisions and see them through. Whether the outcome is favorable or not, corrective action can always be taken.

5. Risk tolerance

There will always be risks. Being an entrepreneurial leader requires taking risks and taking the right steps to minimize them. There are many things that can go wrong, but knowing how to manage the risks can have several benefits.

Constantly facing risks can eventually make it easier to deal with them and reap the rewards of hard work. Risk tolerance will be related to efforts to resist it.

6. Comfort with failure

Fear of failure is typical when faced with something new. There are many reasons for failure, some may occur and others are inevitable. But despite this, entrepreneurs should be prepared for failure and feel comfortable with it. Realizing that failure does not define you as a person and should not stop you in the future.

By being persistent and maintaining a positive attitude, opportunities for success will propel them forward. Survival will eventually be rewarded.

7. Persistent

We’ve all heard the famous phrase that “those who persevere achieve,” and Harvard backs it up, but in different words. Not giving up so easily will mean an opportunity to learn and grow. Throughout the process, part of what makes an entrepreneur successful is their willingness to learn from mistakes, doubt themselves, and persevere until they reach their goal.

There is no clear step-by-step guide on how to be a female entrepreneur. Some characteristics and behaviors can develop over time, experience and training. An entrepreneurial spirit will gradually make you know how to take advantage of opportunities and overcome any challenge.

Maybe right now you don’t identify as much with some of the qualities that a female entrepreneur possesses, like being comfortable with failure. However, this is something you can work on using different tools as part of your professional development. Don’t give up!

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