A Clear Mission, Narrative, and Perfect Trust: Characteristics of an Extraordinary Entrepreneur, According to Hernan Kazakh | Rio Web Summit

For Kazakhstan, next year should be even better, but not “excessive” like 2021. “There was a lot more money than needed,” he says of the period when the market contributed more than US$18 billion to Latin America, according to Sling Hub. At the moment, he said, the important thing is that the ecosystem is more active and there are many entrepreneurs with good projects and companies that have made the necessary adjustments to the route.

For this year, Kazach says Kasek doesn’t have a final amount to allocate. An investor considers himself open to options. “Entrepreneurs come in waves. Sometimes we go a whole quarter without finding a single startup, and sometimes we talk to three that we want to invest in in the same week. We try to invest when we find extraordinary entrepreneurs,” he says.

Focus is another important ingredient. According to him, many founders are tempted to pick another problem to solve after solving 80% of the first, when that final path, the other 20% or 10%, is the hardest part. “Extraordinary things happen when you can do ordinary things very well for a long time,” he says, adding that you need to have confidence, but not too much.

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