A couple who emigrated and built a business from scratch: “We did it”

They dreamed of acquiring new experiences, getting to know different destinations and achieving greater economic stability.. What they didn’t imagine was this Years later, they would make their dreams come true.

“Fear and doubts accompanied us, but also This is what made us stronger in the end. We have fulfilled our biggest dream“, says Michaela Alasio in an interview with Clarion.

A young woman c 28 years old – a native of Province of La PampaHe decided to emigrate to Spain with his partner Alexis Esposito in 2019.with the goal of changing your life and achieving your goals.

The beginning of true love

Michaela and her partner have known each other for as long as they can remember because They both studied in the same school. since then they became inseparable.

After graduating from high school, the young man began to earn a bachelor’s degree in social communications National University of Rio Cuarta.

A few years later, Mikaela earned a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering National Technological University of Cordoba. For this reason, For four years, they maintained a long-distance relationship..

An Argentinian couple is enjoying the paradise islands of Spain.  Photo: @micaonboard, Instagram.An Argentinian couple is enjoying the paradise islands of Spain. Photo: @micaonboard, Instagram.

“The idea of ​​emigration arose because of that Due to family circumstances, I had to return to my hometown.. And after a few months, we began to think about the possibility of changing reality and in the future to create something of my own,” says the young Argentine.

After that in 2018 year, They got married and they have to work to migrate. To do this, they have researched in depth the requirements needed to gain experience abroad. “It was very difficult for us to leave our loved ones, but It was worth the effort“, Mikaela mentions.

Having Italian citizenship, They have the opportunity to work, study and live permanently in any country of the European Union. but still in March 2019they said goodbye to their relatives and left for an unknown place thousands of miles from home.

-Why did you choose Spain as your ideal destination?

– Basically, because of the language. However, once we settled in Palma de Mallorca, we knew we had chosen the best placebecause of him high quality of life, its multiculturalism and opportunities for growth that exist for entrepreneurs like us.

Young people spend the day in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.  Photo: @micaonboard, Instagram.Young people spend the day in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Photo: @micaonboard, Instagram.

With different emotions they arrived on the Spanish island and They started a new adventure in pairs. “From that moment on, our lives changed. We have implemented projects that seemed impossible“, the businessman explains excitedly.

Origin of “Bodegón Nigro”, an Argentinian enterprise

Since 18 years oldAlexis – Mikaela’s partner – worked as a cook where acquired the necessary tools to build this family business. In turn, having arrived on the island, she worked as a waitress in a restauranta role he now plays in his still life.

In the first years of stay, They gained experience and knowledge in the gastronomic field. At the same time, they found out which of them are the most strategic areas to create a restaurant and they got food suppliers.

Mikaela and her partner work in Michaela works with her partner at Bodegón Nigro, their family business. Photo: @micaonboard, Instagram.

“Having lived here for several years, We realized that this is the perfect place to start a business.since it has a large community Argentinians who want to feel at home“, – says the young woman.

Therefore, On January 18, 2023, “Bodegón Nigro” was born.with the idea of ​​offering something different: an enterprise where you can find various dishes of Argentinian cuisine. From milanesa with puree and matambre to pizza and locra. Michaela and her partner love to entertain their customers bring a piece of Argentina to their consumersaccording to them.

– Why did you choose this name?

– We chose him since then The word “nigger” comes from the surname of Alexis’ maternal grandmother and great-grandfather.World Health Organization emigrated from Italy to Spain. So we chose this name to tell the story backwards, emigrated from Argentina to Europe. We even opened the store on his grandmother’s birthday, was a very special day for us.

Michaela and Alexis, Argentines who emigrated and created their ideal business.  Photo: @micaonboard, Instagram.Michaela and Alexis, Argentines who emigrated and created their ideal business. Photo: @micaonboard, Instagram.

“Without a doubt we have fulfilled the dream we longed for. The experience of starting a business was satisfying but exhausting. Although, fortunately, we have received very positive comments from customers who it excited and motivated us as entrepreneurs“Mikaela adds.

currently, They are the only owners of the gastronomic trade, who play the roles of a cook and a waitress. In the future, They dream of getting more customers and traveling the world.

The place was a successIn fact, people choose to come back to eat at our restaurant. It took a lot of work, but we did it“, Mikaela says happily from her new home.

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