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Switching to the free energy market can be a solution for those who spend from 5,000 reais per month

The project is aimed at consumers who spend from 5,000 reais per month (Photo: Archive\News of Campo Grande)
The project is aimed at consumers who spend from 5,000 reais per month (Photo: Archive\News of Campo Grande)

The “Smart Choice” project wants to help small and medium-sized entrepreneurs save up to 35% on their electricity bills. The promotion is free and aimed at those who spend 5,000 reais a month or more. The reduction is possible due to migration to a free energy market, which means that the company can negotiate with the supplier and choose from whom to buy electricity.

The campaign is run by energy company ECOM in partnership with ACICG (Commercial and Industrial Association of Campo Grande). The commercial director of the company, Felipe Sapucahi, explains that in small and medium-sized companies, the electricity bill can be up to 40% of the fixed cost.

“Cutting these costs by a third can already reduce your fixed costs by more than 10%. The free energy market is unknown to most small and medium-sized companies, as until last December the market was open only to large enterprises. In January of this year, with the opening of the market for any company that consumes at high voltage, the solution can be offered to them.

For the director, the ability to buy energy on the free energy market directly affects the life expectancy of the business. This is the first time the company has held a campaign in the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul. Felipe adds that the biggest obstacle for companies is a lack of knowledge about the opportunity.

“The free energy market, although gaining popularity, is still relatively unknown to consumers. The Campo Grande region, for example, has a great migration potential, a great demand, but there is not enough clear information about the solution, and there is still a shortage of options related to this type of service.”

According to data from Aneel (National Electricity Agency), in Mato Grosso do Sul, only 180 consumers out of 1,400 capable units have shown interest in changing their regular contract. So far, the project is focused only on the capital.

How to change – To change the energy contract on Mercado Livre, through the project, the entrepreneur must share the company’s latest energy bills for a feasibility study. Then it is necessary to draw up a power of attorney, followed by other stages of the bureaucratic process with the trading company. Eligible consumers can complete a free assessment at this link.

what is this In Brazil, consumers can buy energy in two ways: the most well-known is the ACR (Regulated Contract Environment), which owns the traditional concessionaires that supply energy. In this model, the price is regulated, and in addition to paying for the consumption, the consumer also pays the fees and the value of the various tariff flags.

The director of Ecom explains that the transition to the Free Energy Market is a simple contract change that does not require initial investments, works or infrastructure changes.

“Today, companies that have electricity bills under high voltage, that is, they are part of group A, have the opportunity to “buy” the consumed energy from other suppliers, outside the local concessionaire. This act of exchanging a traditional source for an alternative source of consumption is basically how the free energy market migration process works. This allows organizations to have greater financial health and invest in other sectors, helping them grow.”

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