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It’s no secret that the success of any company depends on motivated and cohesive team. Therefore, more and more entrepreneurs are investing in an activity known as team building to strengthen their teams and achieve higher levels of performance.

In Sao Paulo, There are a number of activities that can help improve productivity, improve communication and build team spirit in your organization. So, check it out our selection of ideas team building in the city and start investing in your team right now.

Team building in Sao Paulo: some of the best options

A picture in a dark classroom with a welcome drink

no Paint in the dark participants have the opportunity to unleash their inner artist and create a work of art… in the dark! Let the team enjoy a welcome drink giving free rein to your imagination to the sounds of good music. At 1:30 a.m. the talented artist Milena Sarayeva guides each participant, regardless of their level of knowledge.

Photo: Disclosure/Fever

Guided candlelight meditation and yoga

Disconnect from the busy world That’s all there is to work in Sao Paulo. It’s a mindful glowparticipants are immersed in a transformative experience candlelight vigilance. First, an experienced instructor guides participants through a series breathing exercises and meditation. Colleagues practice yoga at classes exercises that promote mental, physical and spiritual balance. And the best part? Everything is surrounded by the soothing light of hundreds of candles in the most beautiful palace of São Paulo.

careful glow of the team
Photo: Disclosure/Fever

Lots of fun at SP’s most colorful brunch

From the union of the current world with the delicious late breakfast à la carte he was born incredible Drag Brunch. This is where the audience enjoys themselves afternoon brunch, performances by famous names in the drag scene, a DJ, good drinks and more enjoy a real daytime party.

drag brunch braz
Photo: Disclosure/Grupo Cuco

Work as a team to find your way out of the escape rooms

Escape rooms are classic in the activity of team building. Because that’s what they have We found that we think better as a team and we managed to get the result faster. with the past to the futurefacing zombiesand other topics just choose because São Paulo has it quests for every taste. That escape 60there are many rooms for different profiles and groups.

escape rooms, team building
Photo: Pedro Figueras/Pexels

Team building at altitude on a hot air balloon flight in Boituva

This ideal for adventurous employees! Have you ever thought about building a team during hot air ballooning in a city known as the “National Balloon Capital”? In a trip full of emotions and contemplation of a sight that cannot be missed, colleagues may face problems, for example, due to the fear of heights. then, How to deal with this situation during stress?

hot air balloon ride in Sao Paulo
Photo: Aaron Burden/Unsplash

Painting lesson accompanied by wine

How The dynamics of Team Building and Vinho Tinta hangouts These are moments created to engage your team and make it a light and fun moment. With the participation of painting and wineThese experiences are personalized for each team, so they are perfect for convey your company’s values ​​and culture and deliver important messages for team development.

Tinto wine
Photo: Disclosure/Vinho Tinta

Voluntary collective work

Volunteering is a great way to learn new skills and grow professionally, in addition to helping those who need it most. Everyone who lives in São Paulo has the opportunity to collaborate various cases in NGOs and institutions that need personnel. So, if you believe that this type of activity team building which suits your team, we choose 8 options that may interest you.

volunteer in Sao Paulo
Photo: Pixabay

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