Alegre and Guasui plan the innovation of Caparaó in the Workshop

The second Workshop on Structuring the Local Innovation Ecosystem: “Connecting Entrepreneurs, Academia and the Public Sector” will bring together Alegre and Guasui to jointly plan the application of state-of-the-art research and market solutions.

The event, which will take place this Thursday (18) from 1.30pm to 5.30pm at the Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS), Guasui, aims to foster the growth of innovation so that the concept is applied and becomes a ‘Culture of Innovation’. You can register using the online form located HERE.

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The event is supported by Sebrae/ES and organized by the City of Guasui and the City of Alegre through the Executive Secretariat for Administration (SEAD) and the Executive Secretariat for Environment and Sustainable Development (SEMADS).

Innovative potential

Secretary of State for Science, Technology, Innovation and Vocational Education (Secti) Bruno Llamas with Head of Environment and Innovation Coordinator of the Mayor’s Office of Alegre William Fardini Faian and Governor Renato Casagrande

The local innovation ecosystem aims to develop ideas, practices and behaviors that address production, market, public and social demands, according to William Fardini Faiano, head of the environment and innovation coordinator of the Mayor’s Office of Alegre.

“This is an initiative to identify, direct and strengthen the capacity for innovation in the private, academic and public sectors of the two cities, with the idea of ​​making this ecosystem a reality for the entire Caparao region. Alegre has one of the largest scientific productions in the country, taking into account the presence of the campus of the Federal University of Espiritu Santo (Ufes) and the Federal Institute of Espiritu Santo (Ifes), which can be transformed into progress for the entire area,” he explains.

The mayor of Alegre, Nirro Emerick (PP), will take part in the opening of the meeting and stressed that the proposal is precisely to bring together the main actors to plan, expand and spread innovation throughout the southern region.

“Since the beginning of the administration, innovation has been seen as a great opportunity for development and a window through which we can view a future of prosperity for the entire region. Once this ecosystem is in place, the region will be able to reach and be within reach of other innovation hubs around the world. The results prove that innovation is an increasingly effective tool for solving problems that are specific to each segment or that are becoming common to the whole society,” Nirro reinforces.

Local innovation ecosystem

Alegre and Guasui will be served by Sebrae in this journey, which is starting to be organized around the planning of the local innovation ecosystem. The vice mayor of Guaçuí, Wullisses “Licinho” Moreira, believes that the partnership between the two cities in this construction has grounds.

He has no doubt that the consolidation of the Local Innovation Ecosystem will contribute to the involvement of other businessmen, government managers, entrepreneurs and the general population.

“Innovations are already taking place in certain segments of the two cities that have the best pace of development in the Caparao region. Alegre is an academic guide to agricultural research, commerce and agriculture. Guaçuí stands out, among other things, for being the center of hospital technology in the south of the state, as well as for its extensive commercial potential. Both cities already have scattered seeds of an innovative model for the future, now let’s get together, agents and multiply,” he adds.


know more

What is an innovation ecosystem?

  • William Fardini Faian, Head of Environmental Protection and Innovation Coordinator of the Mayor’s Office of Allegra, defines an innovation ecosystem as “a complex environment consisting of several interdependent elements that facilitate the development and implementation of innovative ideas.”
  • “These elements can include companies, startups, universities, research centers, investors, governments, incubators, accelerators, business communities and other relevant entities,” he explains.

Solutions for the market and government bodies

  • Launched in February, the local innovation ecosystem aims to develop market solutions.
  • In this way, the innovation ecosystem manages to achieve a balance and effective integration of elements, creating an environment that allows the emergence, growth and evaluation of innovative ideas.

Innovation office

  • The City Hall of Alegre continues to facilitate the partnership to bring the Local Office for Innovation Promotion project into full operation this year.
  • The idea is to have premises for the incubator that is being created at the Center for Agricultural Sciences and Technology (CCAE) of the Federal University of Espiritu Santo, “INOVALEGRE”. In addition, the creation of a “Maker” space as a 3D printing environment is explored.


  • As an aspect of economic development, innovation drives value creation and competitiveness by enabling companies to create new products, services and processes that add value to consumers.
  • “This ability to create value increases the competitiveness of companies in the market, allowing them to better meet the needs of customers and stand out from the competition,” adds William Fayan.

Development scenario

  • Innovation is necessary for the emergence and growth of startups and innovative companies.
  • Innovation-enhancing environments such as startup ecosystems, incubators and accelerators create a favorable scenario for entrepreneurs to transform ideas into viable businesses, driving job creation and economic dynamism.

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