An entrepreneur from the industrial center of Serra Taljado in the northeast

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In a competitive scenario in the pet food market, Proteica Alimentos marks a year under new management, marking a milestone of significant transformation and achievement.

Thanks to the experience and keen commercial vision of businessmen Ricardo Barreto of Coagro and John Daniel and Sedan Rachoes.

The company not only remains a benchmark in the Northeast, but is also increasing its presence and influence in the pet food segment.

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Ricardo Barreto and Joao Daniel created a new management model driven by innovation and efficiency.

This first year was marked by bold strategies that brought Proteica Alimentos to the top of the Northeast market.

The union between businessmen from Coagro and Cedan, both with consolidated success stories, created a unique synergy.

This collaboration has led Proteica Alimentos to offer high quality products, maintaining the excellence that the Tuticanis and Saborosso brands have always represented.

Proteica Alimentos’ strong presence now extends throughout the Northeast, gaining consumer trust and consolidating strategic partnerships. This regional reach reinforces the company’s commitment to providing the highest quality pet food.

In addition to commercial success, the new management of Proteica Alimentos has strengthened its commitment to animal welfare. Investments in research and development ensure products that not only meet nutritional needs, but also contribute to the health and happiness of pets.

“As Proteica Alimentos celebrates its first year under new management, it not only celebrates accomplishments, but reaffirms its commitment to being the preferred choice for pet lovers in the Northeast. Get ready for more innovation, quality and dedication in the next chapters of this success story,” concluded Ricardo Barretto and Joao Daniel, CEOs of Proteica Alimentos.

The union of Alagoas and Pernambuco, or rather Arapiraca and Cerro Talhada, gives rise to the triumphant story of two rural entrepreneurs who came together to start life and adopt the name of Arapiraca, Alagoas and Pernambuco throughout Brazil.

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