“As a business woman, I come from Coceto*,” says Bianca Andrade, Boca Rosa, at Web Summit

Businesswoman and influencer Bianca Andrade, founder of Boca Rosa Beauty, took part this Tuesday (16) at the Web Summit Rio 2024, talking about the challenges she overcomes with the passion that has made her one of the biggest names in the Brazilian makeup industry .

Bianca recently ended her partnership with Payot after five years and opened, from this year 2024, the solo phase of her campaign. “I want more than anything to make a big revolution in my market, which is already very powerful, the Brazilian makeup market. I want to bring a new awareness to the diversity of makeup. That’s why we have created the largest variety of makeup tones in a country that requires a lot of investment, courage and courage from us,” said the young woman.

Today is the finale of Big Brother Brasil 24. Bianca, who was ex-BBB, was asked if her participation in the program was seen as a marketing campaign for her brand, and the influencer confirmed that it was.

“Actually, Big Brother went a little further than I planned. I don’t know if you saw it, I hope a lot of people didn’t, but it was what I had to do at the time. I don’t regret anything, on the contrary, because it revealed some vulnerabilities in me, it gave me the opportunity to have a commitment to my audience, to say: “I am human, I make mistakes, but in the same way that I make mistakes and admit my mistakes, I make mistakes too, I commit to evolve and grow and change,” and I did.

So I had to be patient because it’s also crisis management, but at the same time my brand was doing well. I said, ‘Hell, I still have some learning to do as a social communicator and an influencer, but I’m pretty damn good as a businesswoman,'” said the businesswoman, who drew laughter from the audience when she apologized for the swearing: “Oh, I’m sorry, I swore.”

Boca Rosa Beauty was born in October 2018 as a makeup collection with a French cosmetics brand. In 2020, the first year of the pandemic, the brand’s revenue was 120 million reais. Last year it was R$180 million. Boca Rosa has 19 million followers on Instagram alone and is always on the lookout for marketing strategies and partnerships that can grow its business. “This is our biggest investment, our biggest commitment to our audience: to ensure that every person, every woman, can find their perfect foundation without having to mix it up.”

Originally from Complexo da Maré (RJ), Bianca started using YouTube at the age of 16, in 2011, and starred in several advertising campaigns until she realized she wanted to run her own business. In 2024, the former member of the BBB was recognized by agencies and advertisers as the most respected influencer in the country, ahead of the singer Anita.

“It’s important to understand what they (customers) like most to keep it going, and most importantly, what today’s modern woman needs. Therefore, Boca Rosa now strives to serve the modern woman, the woman who does not have more time than before to spend half an hour on makeup, so that she can do makeup in 5 minutes and quickly face the daily battles to women,” said Bianca .

The young woman claims that every day she is learning more and more to manage, but deep down, the girl from the Marais is still the same. “When I close the door behind everything, I feel at home, it’s the same, I have my mistakes in Portuguese that I like, you know? Bianca is much more emotional, a free woman who has always dreamed of speaking her mind, breaking taboos, doubting yourself, making mistakes and admitting that you made mistakes, this emotional side of mine largely comes from Bianca, Boca Rosa – it’s the entrepreneurial side.”

An estimated 40,000 people pass through the Riocentro every day from today until Thursday (18) to take part in lectures, workshops and encourage the development of new ideas. Organizers have high expectations for Web Summit Rio as a catalyst for new business on a global scale, as well as a platform to connect entrepreneurs, investors and enthusiasts in an ever-expanding market.

The reporter is at the event at the invitation of the Web Summit Rio 2024 organization

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