ASML begins delivery of a second high AN system to an unnamed customer

David Presented at Apr 18, 2024 11:40:00 AM

ASML begins delivery of a second high AN system to an unnamed customer

ASML is still the most advanced lithographic scanner company and earns the most from them during the year, about 20 billion euros, including expensive maintenance. At the end of 2023, the first High Numerical Aperture (AN) Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) scanner started shipping, and this is a time-consuming process because there are many containers that need to be transported from different parts of the world to your customer’s manufacturing factory . Assembly takes place after complex transportation. It has now started shipping a second high AN system.

The company didn’t mention the customer, but it must be Samsung, which has said it plans to compete with Intel to market the first chip from one of these machines. TSMC does not intend to use these UV and high AN scanners for several years due to cost and higher quality lithography processes.

As for Intel’s high-AN system, it showed that it was still being installed. They take months to assemble, plus additional weeks of production testing, and the process requires dozens of ASML technicians and engineers, as well as those working from the customer’s factory. This is the Twinscan EXE:5200 system, which will allow Intel to produce with its 1.4nm (14A) process for several years.

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