ASML earns 40% less till March due to fall in demand


Dutch microchip lithography machine maker ASML reported a net profit of 1,224 million euros in the first quarter of 2024, a 40.2% drop compared to the result recorded by the multinational in the same period last year.

ASML’s sales from January to March reached 5,290 million euros, which is 26.9% less than a year earlier, although within the range expected by the multinational company. Orders in the company’s portfolio also decreased by 60.7% to 3,611 million.

Looking ahead to the second quarter, ASML President and CEO Peter Wennink expects the company’s net sales to be between €5,700 and €6,200 million, with a gross margin of between 50% and 51%, as well as research and development costs of around €1,070 million. EUR, and selling, general and administrative expenses of approximately EUR 295 million.

“Our forecast for the full year 2024 remains unchanged, and the second half of the year is expected to be stronger than the first, in line with the continued recovery of the industry,” predicted the executive, for whom 2024 is a “transition year” to prepare for ” cycle changes’.

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