Berrien, Brooks is now eligible for disaster unemployment benefits

BERRIEN – Berrien and Brooks counties are now eligible for federal hurricane unemployment benefits.


State Labor Commissioner Bruce Thompson said workers in two additional Georgia counties may now be eligible for federal Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) to compensate for income lost directly as a result of Hurricane Idalia, which hit those areas. counties on August 30, 2023. Affected counties are Berrien and Brooks.

“We appreciate the federal government providing assistance to hardworking Georgians affected by Hurricane Idalia,” said Commissioner Bruce Thompson. “Federal unemployment assistance is a critical lifeline that provides financial stability while our communities rebuild and work to get back to normal.”

DUA is a federal program created to help workers whose primary income is lost or interrupted as a result of a presidentially declared disaster. It differs from regular government unemployment insurance in that it provides benefits to the self-employed, farmers, diversified agriculture operators, loggers, commission workers, and others who are not eligible under the government program.

Applicants may be eligible for weekly benefits of up to $365 beginning the week of September 3, 2023. Individuals in eligible counties directly affected by Hurricane Idalia must first apply for regular unemployment insurance with the Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL). at or in person at any GDOL Career Center. GDOL will notify applicants if they are also eligible to apply for a DUA. Eligible applicants must submit their DUA application no later than Friday, November 3, 2023.

Income verification may be required when applying for DUA benefits. Applicants must be prepared to provide evidence of earnings for the most recently completed tax year. Acceptable proof of income includes copies of the most recently completed income tax returns, copies of quarterly income tax returns or similar documents.

DUA benefits may also be available to individuals who become breadwinners or provide substantial financial support to a family because the head of the household died directly as a result of the hurricane. People claiming benefits in these circumstances must provide proof of the death of the head of household, such as a death certificate or an affidavit.

Although applications can be submitted in person at any GDOL Career Center, individuals are encouraged to apply on the GDOL website at For more information on DUA locations and the GDOL Career Center, visit or call GDOL’s toll-free customer service line at 1-877-709-8185.

Contact the Georgia Department of Labor Communications
(404) 232-3685

Media Contact: Director of Communications Shauna Mercer
Phone: 678-350-6878

For in-person assistance, employers may contact the Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) at For more information about unemployment benefits, applicants should call 877.709.8185 or visit their MyUI applicant portal. GDOL Career Centers also provide in-person unemployment insurance services to clients throughout the state.

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