Billionaire Jorge Paulo Lehman’s 5 tips for entrepreneurs

As a child, the businessman says that he was a very free child and with the help of this freedom he learned to create his independence

Entrepreneur and economist Jorge Paulo Lehmannbillionaire with a fortune estimated by Forbes at US$16.1 billion (81.4 billion reais)is one of the minds at the forefront 3G Capital, the manager who owns companies such as Ambev, Burger King and Americanas. Despite the retail giant’s recent setbacks, the executive insists he has had more successes than “failures,” as he likes to say, in a career spanning more than 60 years.

This was the topic of a lecture given by the head of the university named after him Harvard, Massachusetts, during a conference in Brazil. There, Lehmann talked a little about his life journey, his failures and successes, and new dreams that continue to emerge.

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As a child, the businessman says that he was a very free child and that with this freedom he learned to create his independence, a characteristic that he adopted for business. It was also during this time that he took up surfing and tennis, sports that he still enjoys today and that taught him to compete, know how to lose and understand his opponents, important factors in his success in business.

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As a teenager, Lehman you need to develop a method to learn how to prioritize the really important things in college, work, and even family matters. He says that he always looks for the 5 really important topics on the topic and that he identifies them as the goal of the task, leaving aside the things that won’t matter in the end. “The people I draw inspiration from have always had a clear idea of ​​what the main problem is, which makes the process very simple,” he says.

This was one of the tips the billionaire gave during a speech for entrepreneurs who want to succeed. Check out the others 5 important tips for those just starting out:

1. Dream big

For an executive, dreaming big is the first step for anyone who wants to become a successful entrepreneur.

“When I was young, my thinking was very short. I just wanted to know where I would be surfing tomorrow. But once I got to college, I realized that there was a much bigger world out there than I had imagined, and that in order to reach my potential, I needed to think big and long-term, knowing that one day I would achieve that goal,” says Lehmann. .

2. Take risks

Lehmann was opposed to the theory that learning is everything in people’s lives. Obviously, you have to study, and as a Harvard graduate, he knows the importance of that. However, highly academic people tend to get bogged down in theory and do not take things into practice.

“Those who study too much rely too much on their studies and don’t develop a risk-taking side. In business, you need to be able to take risks and develop this feeling,” he says. “Not taking a risk is also a risk.”

3. Have a product that is a little different from the others

For the executive, an entrepreneur does not need to find the product or service that has the most innovation in the market to achieve success. He believes you need to do something a little different from your competition to achieve this.

“If you do everything the way others do, you will not succeed. Therefore, try to be a little different, introduce some innovations to take your place in the market,” says the manager.

4. Let the best people be near you

According to Lehmann, the ability to choose the best people to work with you is a very important talent that entrepreneurs need to develop.

He says that at the beginning of his career, he considered it necessary to join people like him in search of success. So he teamed up with students from prominent colleges in the United States and started a company. “We shaved in three years,” says Lehman. “It was there that I realized that it takes different people to build a healthy business.”

5. Measure, measure and measure

He emphasizes the importance of measurement, measurement and measurement. For the executive, it is necessary to know at all times how things are going, whether it is progressing or not. And even if you make a mistake, you need to start over, measuring what you should have done differently and how much it has already brought new results.

“Understand what the goals are, make them, and measure how you reach them and achieve them,” adds the executive.

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