Black Friday should bring 7.1 billion reais from e-commerce – News

A Black Friday 2023which will take place on November 24, is expected to generate an estimated 7.1 billion reais in e-commerce revenue ABComm (Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce). As a result, revenue could be about 17% higher than last year, when it reached R$6.05 billion, with sales up 3.07%. The sector’s desire is to achieve a sales growth rate of 15.5% in 2021.

“Our view is that Black Friday will return to the share of 2021 sales this year, given that 2022 was an atypical period and below expectations. Therefore, in 2023 we expect sales to grow again in line with ABComm’s forecasts (17%)”, comments Mauricio Salvador, president of the association.

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In addition to major categories such as electronics, home appliances and fashion, the perfume, cosmetics and beauty segment is among those that have grown the most in terms of online searches in recent months, ABComm notes.

“Investing in these segments to create a product range can be a good alternative. We are close to summer and the end of the holiday year, which shows that it is worth investing in things aimed at sun protection and skin care, “says Salvador.

See the history of sales share growth over the past six years below:

ABComm’s information on the categories most sought after by consumers is supported by a survey conducted by Google published last Wednesday (25). It looks at the terms most searched by users of the tech company’s search page related to consumer goods in the third quarter of this year

Compared to the same period in 2022, there was a 114% increase in searches for products with purchase intent and that meet the criteria of “pre-Black Friday interest,” Google’s communications team said. Moreover, Brazil saw a 24% increase in date searches in the same comparison.

According to the American giant, the most attention in the results of the survey is the appearance of new categories of goods among purchases on the main date of the retail discount of the year. Nutritional supplements, detergents and beverages all made the wish list for the first time, and this is a significant share of the data.

Google’s research also included a survey of website users that found 67% of Brazilians intend to shop during the discount season, with seven out of ten looking to spend the same or slightly more than the previous year.

Through the survey, the company reached the top 5 purchase intent categories. Below are the products that were most frequently mentioned in response to the question: Product(s) in which category(s) are you going to purchase on Black Friday?

. clothing and accessories;
. shoes;
. electronics;
. mobile phones; This
. Household appliances.

The analysis shows that in 2023, consumers will refine their choices and each person should buy from only four categories, said those responsible for the survey.

Other important information: About 91% of shoppers will use online platforms to check prices, discounts and products; and most have already chosen the product they want to buy, but have not yet decided on the brand or store, items that will be evaluated according to the promotions found.

According to Google, Brazilians are online more and do more research online before making purchasing decisions, and one of the reasons for this is the fact that there are more e-commerce companies, the diversity of which favors competition, on the one hand, and finding better opportunities on the other.

By introducing this survey, the company says it is contributing to the retail recovery by providing information to merchants to create strategies to accelerate their business on Black Friday.

The merchants of Ribeirão Preto are optimistic about the arrival of Black Friday

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