Brazil is a leader in food exports to the Islamic world

Brazil has become world leader in food and beverage exports for 57 countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), according to published data Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (CCAB).

In 2022, Brazilian exports to the bloc totaled US$23.41 billion, up 41% from the previous year. The country has surpassed specialized competitors such as USA, Indonesia, Turkey, Australia and China.

Despite this, the Arab Chamber believes that Brazilian exports to the Islamic world are still limited to basic foodstuffs, mainly meat, sugar, grains and cereals. Brazilian sales represent only 10% of what OCI purchases from foreign suppliers.

For CCAB President Asmar ChohfiBrazil has the structural conditions to expand its inclusion in the Islamic world beyond meat and staples.

He cited the fact that the country has a competitive food industry, products already present in Islamic consumer markets with a reputation for quality and reliable supply and a positive brand among Muslim consumers thanks to Brazil’s diplomatic position.

Chokhfi also highlighted that there are initiatives in Brazil to promote structured halal exports, including Halal do Brasil, from the Arab Chamber and the export promotion agency Apex Brasil.

For him, the project faces two bottlenecks related to Brazil’s promotion in the Islamic world, which are increasing promotional activities abroad and encouraging companies to obtain the first halal certification.

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