Brumadinho School is part of the Entrepreneurship Project

The Paulo Neto Alkimim Public School in Brumadinho is one of the institutions that are part of the Minas Gerais State Government’s project to bring entrepreneurship to public schools. The action is developed in partnership with Sebrae.

The result of the partnership was the use of the entrepreneurship education methodology of the Sebrae Center for Youth Entrepreneurship (NEJ) in the schools of the state educational network.

Governor Romeu Zema highlighted the successful initiative of this partnership and shared with more than 500 students his trajectory and experience until he reached public administration. “This partnership with Sebrae Minas is very important, especially when it comes to education. I am sure that with this Entrepreneurship Center you will be able to gain even more knowledge about what to do after graduation,” he stressed.

All public school teachers participating in the initiative are trained to adopt this methodology.

NEJ is a social project of Escola do Sebrae and uses the same methodology adopted in this institution, which is a pioneer and a national reference in the teaching of entrepreneurial education. Since its inception in 2010, NEJ has trained more than 3,000 public school students and graduates.

“The technical course in administration is an excellent option for those who want to acquire practical skills and fundamental knowledge in the field of administration. It offers a solid foundation in topics such as people management, finance, marketing and operations, production system, environmental management, Portuguese instrumental, among other things, preparing students to enter the labor market or to continue their studies at a higher level. This is an excellent opportunity to develop professional skills and stand out in the various areas of the economy around you. Have an idea of ​​the current economy and its possible daily fluctuations, in Brumadinho since 2017, the course involves training mainly with people management, marketing, customer service, sales at the place where I work – trained teachers who explain each content clearly, study a lot, lasts 1 and a half years, graduation in July; group The course takes us beyond what we imagine, it opens our minds when it comes to entrepreneurship and growth in the job market. Whoever has the opportunity, do it, because there is never too much knowledge, something that no one can take away from you.”– said the student Alkina Paraiba.

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