Cabrobó has been recognized in the Sebrae ‘Entrepreneurial City Hall’ awards, receiving three awards

Cabroba, a municipality located in the hinterland of Pernambuco, was honored by Sebrae with the Entrepreneurial City Hall Award, winning three important awards: Sustainable Development and Environment, Entrepreneurial City and Territorial Management.

The “Sustainable Development and the Environment” award highlights the initiatives of the municipal government of Cabrobó to promote the protection of the environment and the development of sustainable methods. Cabrobó won the award with the “Recicla Cabrobó” project.

The Entrepreneurial City Award recognizes the municipality’s efforts to encourage local entrepreneurship and create an enabling environment for economic development. Cabrobó was distinguished by the implementation of the “Cabrobó do Futuro” project.

The Territorial Administration Award emphasizes the efficiency and transparency of municipal government. Kabroba was recognized for his practice of shared governance, coordination between government agencies, civil society and the private sector, as well as his effectiveness in the implementation of territorial development policies and programmes.

This victory is not only mine, the development should be transverse, with the participation of all departments. Everyone should be engaged in public administration. I was looking for Sebrae because I believed it would be a tool to join forces for the further development of Cabrobó..” – said the Galician mayor of Nanai.

These awards are a recognition of the efforts and commitment of the municipal leadership to promote sustainable development, entrepreneurship and improving the quality of life of the population.


In the “Sustainable Development and Environment” category, Cabrobó competed for the award with: Arcoverde; San Benedito do Sul; Lagoa Grande; Bodoko; Serita; Panelos and Zhatoba.

In the City of Entrepreneurs category, Cabrobó competed for the award with: Recife; Sayre; Lagoa do Carro; Pigeons; Syrinchaem; Karuaru; green; Pots; Vittorio de Santo Anton; Cabo de Santo Agostino and Gravata.

In the “Territorial Management” category, the Intermunicipal Consortium of the San Francisco Valley (Conrio), of which Cabrobó is a part, became the great champion with the “Ribeirinhos do Velho Chico” project, which aims to promote regional tourism.

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