Carlos Slim and the course from which you can start your business in 2024

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If you are looking for a new job but cannot find one that exceeds your expectations for various reasons such as the salary they offer or the working hours, and you decide to start independently a business u workhere we tell you what of course that offers Carlos Slimthe richest man in Mexico and one of the richest in the world with which you can get a Extra money independently business and you will manage your time.

In this sense, Art a businessman Mexican, owner of Carso groupconglomerate c companies such as Telmex, Telcel, SEARS, Inbursa Financial Group, Sanborns among others did of course with Mobile phone and tablet repair masterwith which you can to start your own business and get money.

Therefore, this course is available on the Train yourself for Foundation employment portal. Carlos Slimit should be noted that this of course It is completely online for freetherefore, it is a great option for to learn in to start.

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Likewise, if you want to know more about this course, here we will tell you the details, its duration and what it is about.

Cell Phone Repair (Illustrative Photo: Pexels)

What is it about of course with Mobile phone and tablet repair master with Carlos Slim?

According to the materials of the portal Train for employmenthe repairman with mobile phones in tablets is a professional ready to troubleshoot mobile devices by performing diagnostics and installing or reinstalling software and/or hardware components. In addition, The course offers those interested to learn how to select the appropriate tools for each task, identify the integrated circuits and components that make up the hardware of the devices, and begin their own business.

In addition to this, the course lasts 62 hours and consists of 4 levels:

  • Level 1 (3 lessons)
  • Level 2 (3 lessons)
  • Level 3 (1 lesson)
  • Level 4 (1 lesson)

It should be noted that each lesson has informative videos, infographics and activities. Also, with this of course with Carlos Slima tablet and mobile phone repair specialist will be able to fix software crashes and replace hardware, as well as service equipment that has been damaged by water or excessive humidity.

Carlos Slim mobile phone and tablet repair course (Photo: screenshot)

¿How much i can get how repairman with mobile phones in tablets?

According to information from the National Minimum Wage Commission of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, from January 1, 2024, the general and professional minimum wages are in effect, and as an electrical or electronic equipment repairer you can earn 374.89 pesos in the Free Zone on the northern border of Mexico, or 286.51 pesos per day in the rest of the country. Although this is approximate, it all depends on the number of customers you have.

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