CEEI will select entrepreneurs with a business idea for its new “Incibe Emprende” programs

VALENCIA. The community of Valencia is postulated as a safe center of efficiency to attract innovative business ideas and start-ups with technological solutions from any sector. The European Business and Innovation Center of Valencia (CEEI Valencia) is launching “INCIBE Emprende”, an initiative with two editions of the incubation program and two more acceleration programs during the period 2024-2026.

In April, a maximum of twenty business ideas will be selected to participate in the first incubation program (with a prize of €5,000), and in September – ten startups They will enter the acceleration program (a prize of 15,000 euros).

Projects that are related to technology in some way will have a place in the programs, “because cybersecurity is end-to-end,” he emphasizes. Ramon FerrandizCEO of CEEI Valencia and adds that “With programs like these, the Valencian community joins the Spanish epicenter of cybersecurity innovation for entrepreneurs.”

CEEI Valencia engaged the talent to develop this program and plan the development strategy and projects for the next three years. Entrepreneurs and selected startups will work with expert mentors from the entrepreneurial and investment ecosystem, as well as professionals in strategic roles in their startups, such as Paloma Mas (Director of The Terminal Hub)Jose Luis de Cachavera (COO of Startupxplore), Orfeo Balboa (Program Manager and First Drop VC Partner), Marta Zaragoza (Statement of the Director General), Carl Atta (Teacher SeedRocket), Joaquin Costa (Director General of CASFID), Franco Garcia (CEO Arcadia Space)Jose Carlos Cortiza (CMO & COO of Product Hackers), Fran Trusov (entrepreneur and AI consultant), Fernando Perez Bar’s uterus (CEO of Aunoa), among others.

According to José Luis de Cachavera, one of the Program’s three advisors “the best master’s degree that can be done to create a launch It’s learning in the minds of others, avoiding the mistakes other entrepreneurs have made, and using their learning.”

“We want to raise awareness, first of all, we want to help founders make the best decisions both to start a company and to accelerate it. We have renowned professionals to guide you through the process,” he explains. Ramon FerrandizCEO of CEEI Valencia, who called on anyone with an innovative idea to apply for this ambitious funded program, which is now open.

Incubation program funded by “Incibe Emprende”

This is an intensive 100-day program that will serve to test business ideas and create a company. “A program designed by founders for new company founders, where there is no theory without practice, where the learning content and work path are focused on the client and on building viable, reliable companies that are committed to security,” says Orfea Balboa.

Participants will prepare for what Paloma Masprogram advisor, has been defined as a “new routine” of entrepreneurship with “access to networks, ecosystems and new connections that help companies move forward. Personalized business development mentoring, dynamic work seminars, tax and legal advice, direct contact and conversations with CEOs,” among other benefits.

Companies with solid and recognized experience in the sector, such as Bit2me, Grupo Soluciones 480, S2 Grupo or AUNOA, collaborate in the program. It will develop hybridly: in person and online, and participants will have access to funding.

Fostering a national cybersecurity industry

“INCIBE Emprende” is an initiative of the National Cyber ​​Security Institute (INCIBE) of the Ministry of Digital Transformation, funded by the European Union – the next generation of the EU.

In a world where technology is intertwined with every aspect of our lives, security is becoming an important element. A fundamental premise of digital security is to turn innovation into a catalyst for progress, ensuring that every technological advance is translated into tangible benefits without compromising privacy or the integrity of day-to-day operations. In the community of Valencia, the number of cyber security incidents is increasing every year.

In the last one activity report published in June by the Valencian Community Cybersecurity Center (CSIRT-CV), includes the most common incidents that have occurred in the Community, among which are attempts at electronic fraud, phishing, hacking malware, detecting suspicious behavior on computers or digital accounts, identity theft, theft passwords or information capture. In 2022, it was possible to deal with 1144 incidents.

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