Civil police seized drugs and a large sum of money during an investigation in Sobral

December 6, 2023 – 2:56 p.m
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Ascom PCCE – Text and photo

During efforts to execute search and seizure warrants, the Ceara State Civil Police (PCCE) seized 27 packets of ready-to-sell crack, mobile phones and a large sum of money. The police operation took place early this Wednesday morning (06) in the town of Sabral, which belongs to the Integrated Security Area of ​​the State 14 (AIS 14).

Teams of civilian police officers from the Massape Municipal Police Station (AIS 14) with the support of the Homicide and Personal Protection Unit (NHPP) of the Sobral Regional Police Station went to the field this Wednesday morning and conducted an investigation at addresses related to a homicide investigation that occurred in the town of Massape .

As a result of their work, police seized a notebook containing several notes, precision scales, 27 packets of ready-to-sell crack and a large amount of cash, as well as two mobile phones, which will be used to support new police inquiries. .

All illegal materials were sent to the Sobran police station, where appropriate procedures were carried out. Civil police continue the investigation, which is conducted with the aim of detaining persons suspected of involvement in the crime, as well as identifying the origin of the confiscated drugs.


The public can contribute to the investigation by providing information that helps the police in their work. Reports can be made by calling 181, the Public Security and Social Protection Secretariat (SSPDS) hotline, or (85) 3101-0181, which is a WhatsApp number where reports can be made via text, audio, video and photo.

Information can also be sent to (88) 3643-1026 from the Massape Municipal Police Station. Confidentiality and anonymity are guaranteed.

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