Currulao in the furniture factory

This is the assumed atmosphere of the enterprise, among many founded by searchers in this country. It is a small company that designs and manufactures handmade wooden furniture aimed at middle-income people. Fabian founded it after an economics course at SENA and two or three semesters of engineering at a cheap university.

He did not finish his career because the desire to “produce” to feed his family became urgent. For four years of operation, the factory is not only protected, but also makes a profit, paying salaries to 10 workers. In addition, it is an example of conformity, quality and affordable sales prices. For Fabian, the excruciating routines that were originally necessary to function are gone.

A year ago, he came up with a strategy to motivate his workers. Finished the day tired, silently walked towards public transport and came the next day, yawning. One day he woke up at three o’clock in the morning and could not sleep. His brain was moving at the rate of an hour. Insomnia presented him with a brilliant idea.

It turned out that among his workers, almost all people from his own district, there were coastal people, llanero and calenjo. Sometimes he heard them singing the songs of their native land. How about hiring good Colombian spirit dancers as dance teachers in your company?

As with these night lights, Fabian remained obsessed with the idea until the day he also met two dance lovers in his neighborhood. That is, not stupid choreographers, but people in whose blood the snake of rhythm and cadence vibrates. He hired them for an odd factory task.

Merengo, cumbia, vallenato, currulao, salsa, zapotea llanero thundered in time as men and women began to awaken their muscles, legs and taste. A small company swam in delicious tumbaos. Soon the atmosphere was filled with harmony. Muscle fatigue is over, morning yawns are gone.

Then Fabian had an additional idea. Instead of the neighboring corridors, where his workers had lunch every day, he offered them a balanced menu, full of taste and at the same price. It is prepared by amateur chefs who previously had no opportunity to come up with and offer simple dishes with seasoning that will be appreciated by the taste buds. The factory gave them a contract for days and also opened up a future for them.

Thanks to these two innovations, work has ceased to be painstaking. Making a piece of furniture was no longer a burden on the lives of the workers, who were treated almost like their families or friends. Without much knowledge of the role of art and culture in people’s daily well-being, this entrepreneur opened the door to imagination, beauty and harmony.

Now he dreams of painting, poetry, fiction, words, the charms of the spirit. And plan ways to bond them to the rigors of life.

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