Entrepreneurs can choose new resources from a venture capital fund that will finance companies in the region

The Mesoamerican Catalytic Fund 1 (MCF1) is a new venture capital fund that will seek to finance ten companies in Central America and southern Mexico.

MCF1, managed by Atta Impact Capital (AIC), will make equity investments in companies that have a positive impact on both the social and environmental aspects of the region, as announced in an official press release.

In addition to resources, the fund will also provide technical assistance to companies in the region to better prepare them to institutionalize capital raising activities and implement impact measurement and governance strategies.

The fund, which is based in the United States, has $2 million on hand, and each investment will average $100,000.

Interested companies must meet two requirements: have a sales history and an intentional, quantifiable impact model. For more information, you can visit the AIC website and fill out the company’s contact form to start the review process.

MCF1 is the result of AIC’s alliances with multilateral organizations, foundations and private investors, such as the IDB Lab, an innovation laboratory of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) group, and the Crusa Foundation.

“For the Crusa Foundation, strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem is essential to enable more innovative companies to scale and access financing that facilitates their consolidation process. Without a doubt, small and medium-sized enterprises have great potential to close social and environmental gaps and create growth and jobs in Costa Rica and the region,” stressed Flora Montealegre, executive director of the foundation, in a press statement.

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