“Entrepreneurship is for the few, there’s no glamour,” says Juliana Haddad

Juliana Haddad, partner and head of people at fintech Stark Bank, experienced both sides of the ecosystem: entrepreneurship and investment. She was one of the founders of Ding Dingpayment processing platform sold Bearded. She has also worked with innovation and product at companies in the US, UK and Australia and has become an angel investor adding 20 investments in startups such as Jasfi, Faster, Covey and myself Stark Bank. His most recent achievement was in 2023 as a Forbes Under 30 highlight in the Finance category. Ufa!

But not everything was rosy in his career. In fact, contrary to what many people think starting a business is easy and it’s all about making money, Julianne took advantage of her participation in this week’s MVP, a podcast from Startupsto make a little noise and bring a little more reality to those who only dream of the sexier side of entrepreneurship.

“We managed to get DinDin off the ground in less than a year, but to be honest, it was very difficult, not many people have entrepreneurship. I think a lot of people go into business for the wrong reasons because they think it’s glamorous, but it’s not glamorous at all. You’re the one who makes the decisions, who cleans the bathroom, who has to estimate every month if you’re going to be able to pay the employees, who’s trying to raise the money…” she says.

In addition to the difficulties faced by the woman in the ecosystem, for a little more than a year, Juliana’s problems were related to her daily life in managing people. According to her, it was not easy to change her thinking from an investor to the head of People. However, she used her investment experience to improve processes in the sector.

“Something I see that doesn’t necessarily come naturally to people management is return on investment. So, everything I think about doing at Stark in this area, I think about how it will bring financial benefit to the company. Therefore, when hiring, I think about strategies to determine what value this person brings,” Juliana adds.

With a long career ahead of her, Juliana also reveals that she has three things she still wants to do. The first is to make a lot more money and be a famous person because you really have very important assets. And, with that, the opportunity to do more things to change the world. Second, investing in education by building a school in his mother’s hometown of Santa Ynez (Massachusetts). And the third, they will take it again – after 10 years, she will even think about something in the spirit Neuralinkdo Elon Musk.

Check out the full conversation with Julianne Haddad on this week’s MVP episode of the Startups podcast, available on Spotify and YouTube:

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