FGTS Digital: the promise of a REVOLUTION in labor rights; Understand:

Labor rights in Brazil have always been supported by the cornerstone known to all as the FGTS (Working Time Guarantee Fund). While offering financial protection to workers, this fund faced several management challenges. Bureaucracy has always been a relevant figure among them. This scenario called for a change that came through FGTS Digital, a forward-looking and innovative system that will revolutionize the management of FGTS.

FGTS Digital is a platform to simplify processes, eliminate additional costs and ensure the security of employee data. One of the new features is its association with Pix, an instant payment engine that promises agility and reliability in FGTS-related transactions. In addition, the system promises to facilitate the issuance of payment guides, advice on statements and verification of outstanding debts.

Pix and FGTS Digital: How this integration promises to revolutionize transactions?

The integration of Pix into FGTS Digital is an extremely important strategic choice. With Pix, FGTS payments have become faster and more secure for workers by simplifying the personalization process in the worker’s account. In addition to this, the system adapts to new legislative requirements, such as Law No. 13,932 of December 11, 2019. For these reasons, the strategic choice of Pix within FGTS Digital indicates the modernization of the way we deal with our taxes, adapting to the digital world , in which we live.

What are the benefits of FGTS Digital for employers and employees?

Immediate benefits for employers include the elimination of red tape, reduced operating costs, agility in issuing payment guides, ease of advisory reporting, personalization of payment reports and arrears control. For workers, the FGTS collection process becomes more reliable and transactions more secure and faster thanks to the Pix integration.

What are the legal implications of FGTS Digital?

FGTS Digital is also adapting to recent legislative changes, such as Law No. 13,932, which introduced new obligations and conditions for FGTS-related operations. In this sense, it is important that employers are aware of changes in legislation and the FGTS Digital platform. From January 2024, fines could reach 300 reais per worker, a significant increase over current fines. Employers are advised to exercise caution to avoid unnecessary fines.

Considering the above, it is undeniable that the arrival of FGTS Digital marks a new stage in the management of the Severance Pay Fund, which brings many benefits to employers and employees. This new system is expected to be an important step towards a more flexible, secure and transparent management of FGTS.

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