FLORIDA: Florida business people can participate in Empretec

Businessmen from Cidade Amizade will have the opportunity to participate in Empretec, the world’s leading training program for entrepreneurs created by the United Nations (UN).

Last week, the business consultant, territory manager and small business management specialist at Sebrae, Guillermo Soares da Silva, accompanied by the “Sebrae Aqui” agent, Luana Nascimento, was in the editorial office of the regional newspaper Folha and on the website to publish this brilliant action that opens up the possibility of immersion in business competitiveness with the improvement of the characteristics of Cidade Amizade managers at the event.

Empretec will take place in Adamantina and there are places for those who are interested, with an information lecture that will take place on April 30 at 19:00 at the Fernando Poloni Amphitheater.

The initiative is also open to all Florida businesses that want to further develop their characteristics and, as a result, stimulate the development of their business.

“This is a great opportunity that we present to traders in Adamantine and the region, who will be able to learn more about the search for opportunities and new initiatives, about perseverance, the search for information in addition to independence and self-confidence,” emphasized Guillermo Saares.

The program also includes individual interviews with professionals who will be able to profile the participants, who will also have the opportunity to participate in workshops where they can improve their skills, as well as exchange with participants from other countries.

In addition, participating entrepreneurs will take part in consulting, training and other projects promoted by Sebrae.

Information and registration is available at the Florida Chamber of Commerce Headquarters in Paulista or by calling (18) 99627-5607 (speak to Luana).

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