Four ways to use artificial intelligence in business

In the era of artificial intelligence, not using it would mean missing out on an opportunity to grow your business.

In the era of artificial intelligence, not using it would mean missing out on an opportunity to grow your business.

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Artificial intelligence, like the advent of the Internet, is revolutionizing the way businesses are built, developed, grown and even replaced, so we have created a guide with different content that serves as a guide to promote entrepreneurship in Colombia. Here we are:

In the world of social networks, artificial intelligence has also appeared; WhatsApp, the most downloaded messaging platform in the world. This update has very similar aspects to what other social networks such as Snapchat are working with today, and in this case, features very similar to ChatGPT have been included in the new update. See the full note here.

What is not measured does not exist, said the master professor at the business school in Bogota. The numbers are the light, said another, in the first month of training among executives of companies of all sizes and sectors. That’s why a paper Google just published called “Guide to Generative Artificial Intelligence” It becomes a road map that every entrepreneur, big or small, can take into account when using or planning to use generative artificial intelligence. See the full text here.

The role of education is fundamental in exponential entrepreneurship. And so, when used effectively and responsibly, artificial intelligence has great potential in education. This is a great opportunity to improve the work of teachers, but there is an urgent need for the entire education sector in Colombia to understand what AI can and cannot do. See the full text written by Ana M. Saavedra, Ph.D. Stanford University Learning Accelerator Doctoral Program, here.

Paraphrasing the old adage that those who don’t know history is doomed to repeat it, one can try to draw an analogy, which is that those who live in the age of artificial intelligence and do not use it are doomed to lose the opportunity to put technology before your services and keep thinking and doing the same. And there are already more than 100 different types of AI that add value in every possible process of daily work in the office, in creative processes, in digital marketing, in food business, in home delivery, in how new companies are created that are engaged in collecting biodiversity data. Among the list that needs to be taken into account, responsibility and ethics are at the forefront, but not without attention to the operational task of documenting the work of this artificial intelligence in detail. All seven tips are here.

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