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Friends since childhood, partners Luigi Kramer, 25, and Paulo Matthias, 22, have not even opened their company to the public yet and have already gained notoriety on social media. They managed to monetize the “pre-business” by publishing videos documenting the difficulties of renovating the Terapia bar in Curitiba (PR). For example, the first piece of content received more than 2 million views TikTok.

The establishment, which will primarily serve the university crowd and is slated to open April 18, is located on a site formerly occupied by another bar. Kramer worked there in management and customer service. He even admitted to Matias that he wanted to buy a part of the place to start.

In early 2024, Mathias, who would soon be celebrating his birthday, asked Kramer if the bar could borrow some chairs for a party. In response, I heard that, unfortunately, the place was closed.

“My first reaction was sad, it was a bar that was very popular with everyone. But after 30 seconds I remembered what Luigi told me. That’s why I rejected the idea of ​​buying the premises,” says Matias.

From a sudden idea, the bar “Therapia” was born, although they had ambitions to conquer a commercial place, but the partners did not have capital to invest. Both took out a loan of 15,000 reais each. “We couldn’t miss the opportunity. It is a privileged area and the bar was already a famous place. With money in hand, we said, “That’s all we’ve got.” We are going to open (a business) in trouble, and it has to be successful,” says Mathias.

Having removed the premises, the friends began to repair it. The property was run down and dirty. “We fixed the plumbing and plumbing, cleaned the water tank and did all the building maintenance,” Kramer says.

Mathias, who has worked in content production for four years, decided to document the difficulties of the renovation on video. “I wanted to show the daily life of work and explain what it is like to open a bar from scratch. I didn’t even imagine that it would give such a good result,” he thinks.

With videos published on TikTok, Cramer and Matias became popular among students at the University of Curitiba. The visibility led to store partnerships. “We received (in exchange for promoting the brand) carpentry, tank and gutter cleaning, and building materials. We’re going to set a much higher bar than we imagined,” Cramer predicts.

The new business will offer customers an original drink menu created by Michael Goldenstein, a foodie-trained professional who also helped create the menu. “We will have portions of fries, baguette snacks, practical things. But our proposal is to keep what drew people to the second bar: cheap beer,” Kramer adds.

The partners forecast a profit of 55,000 reais starting in the fourth month. And they dream big. “We want not only Terapya Bar, we want Terapya Café to be able to expand to other places in Brazil. This became possible thanks to social networks, right?”, the entrepreneur believes.

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