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To ensure that the demands of peripheral areas are included in the G20 agenda, Cufa (Central Única das Favelas) will launch the World Favelas Forum in Rio de Janeiro (RJ) in September. The idea is to promote international conferences to find solutions for the people of peripheral areas in different regions of the world.

The meetings, which begin on May 6, include debates on inequality, innovation, entrepreneurship and diversity over three months. The Cufa delegation will be hosted by countries such as South Africa, Angola, Colombia, Spain, Mexico and the USA.

“This is the first time that this debate will be present at the G20,” says Celso Ataide, founder of the organization and CEO of Favela Holding. “We hope to amplify the voices of people living in favelas and help them organize their own discourse so that their perceptions are heard.”

Although the World Favela Forum is not directly related to the G20 summit to be held in Brazil in November, it plans to bring the social issues raised at the conferences to the leaders of the world’s largest economies.

The aim is to ensure that the needs of peripheral populations are taken into account in international decision-making.

Conferences have been planned since 2022, when Celso Ataide won the Social Entrepreneur of the Year award at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

He was selected by the Schwab Foundation after winning its Social Entrepreneur Award A sheet in partnership with the sister organization of the World Economic Forum to integrate the community of social innovators associated with the forum.

In a speech in Switzerland, Ataide said that the economic forum is very important to the world, but he cannot be the only favela resident who deserves this award — and that is why it is necessary to create a favela forum of its own.

“My goal is the democratization of everything I have achieved, my goal is collective,” the social entrepreneur said then.

According to data from the 2022 population census published by the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), about 16 million people live in favelas in Brazil alone. According to the United Nations, the number of people living in unstable housing worldwide reaches one billion.

“I believe that the G20 is a tool that can facilitate communication between those who suffer the consequences of inequality and those who have created it for so long,” says Ataide.

Among the issues that will guide the World Favela Forum are: reducing inequality; fight against hunger and poverty; sustainability of human rights, race and gender; challenges of the periphery on a global scale.

“Problems of favelas have never been present at international forums. We just want to change that,” says Cufa’s founder.

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