Gasoline and ethanol prices drop at gas stations in Belo Horizonte, study shows

Prices for regular gasoline and ethanol fell in Belo Horizonte, according to surveys conducted on the Mercado Mineiro website and the app between October 19 and 22. 200 gas stations in Belo Horizonte and the capital region were consulted.

Compared to prices on October 3, the average price of regular gasoline decreased by 0.59%, or 0.03 reais per liter, reaching the current price of 5.51 reais. Regular gasoline had a low of R$5.12 and a high of R$6.29 for a change of 22.85%.

Ethyl alcohol also fell, according to the study, by 0.88%, or 0.03 reais, from an average price of 3.53 reais to 3.50 reais. The difference in price between the surveyed stations was 36.88%, with the lowest price found at 3.20 reais and the highest at 4.38 reais. Ethanol corresponds to 63.54% of the cost of gasoline and is currently profitable for consumption.

Consumption estimate

Using consumption estimates of 8.5 km per liter for ethanol and 11.5 km per liter for petrol, we have made the following cost per kilometer calculations.

– Average price of gasoline R$ 5.51 (consumption 11.5 km/l)

– Gasoline R$ 0.48 per km of travel.

– Average ethanol price R$ 3.50 (consumption 8.5 km/l)

– Ethanol R$ 0.41 per km.


The average price of a liter of diesel fuel decreased by 0.01 reais, or -0.21%, compared to October 22, 2023, the price that was 6.09 reais, became 6.08 reais. The lowest price for diesel is R$5.79 and the highest is R$7.59, a difference of 31%.

M3 LNG costs between 4.55 and 4.59 reais with a difference of 0.88%. The average price is 4.56 reais.

The full study is on the Mercado Mineiro website and the best offers in the comOferta app (fuel prices are updated daily in the comOferta app with the help of thousands of consumers).

The full survey is available on the Mercado Mineiro website.

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