Gringos sell shares on B3 and help topple Ibovespa; understand what’s going on – Money Times

Falls in the Ibovespa are accompanied by high Treasury rates, which is more interesting. (image: Getty Images)

Foreign investors sold R$ 196.7 millions in shares of art B3according to data from Thursday (19).

However, the sale of shares maintained a positive balance for the tenth month of the year R$ 142.6 million. The accumulated amount for the year is 9 billion R$.

O Ibovespa During the week, it was difficult to find a way up, reaching the level of 113,000 points. Still down, the index continues to struggle for respite earlier this week.

Meanwhile, Treasuries remain firm and strong and hit an all-time high above 5% in the 10-year bond. This means that the market as a whole is afraid of asset risk and prefers to hedge with US fixed income instruments. The consequence of this is that stock markets, for the most part, fall.

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National programs also weigh in on B3

This week, two important questions for the Brazilian economic scenario and for Ministry of Finance need to vote: Tax reform and taxation exclusive backgroundsalso known as super rich, and offshore.

Exemption from taxation is extremely important for Fernando Haddadas the collected sums go towards the elimination of the budget deficit in the following year as determined by the target tax base.

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