IBGE: telecommuters from Brazil worked less time and earned more

In 2022, about 16.7% of employees in the Federal District worked remotely. And these professionals earned more than twice as much as those who were self-employed, according to data from the National Sample Survey of Households (Pnad) published by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) this Wednesday (25/10).

The survey found that the average salary of those who worked remotely was 9,100 reais, a 106% increase compared to those who performed their duties in person. In the case of this second group, the result relative to income was 4,400 reais.

In addition, according to IBGE, people who work remotely devote about 38.8 hours per week to services. Self-employed professionals worked about 40 hours per week.

IBGE defines telecommuting as “performing work activities remotely and using technology—computers, tablets, and phones, among others”—regardless of the environment.

The institute, however, stresses that the figures do not necessarily indicate higher income for telecommuters as a result of telecommuting, but that the preferred profile of professionals in this modality correlates with higher income.

“(The results) are due to various factors such as: occupations associated with higher levels of education; companies engaged in activities that pay higher wages; having a structure for telecommuting at home, which is generally expensive and often not paid for by the company; affordability of accessing and paying for high-quality Internet, among other things,” the study emphasizes.

In 2022, of the 1.5 million people employed in DF, 365,000 worked at home. Moreover, among 257 thousand who worked remotely, 250 thousand (97.3%) were at home.

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