In 2024, international purchases of up to US$50 may be taxed at 28%.

Currently, international purchases of up to $50 through companies are part of the program Appropriate delivery, are exempt from import duty. However, for the next year, based on 2024 Draft Annual Budget (PLOA).the government considered a the rate is 28%. on international orders of the value currently subject to release.

Above this value, the rate is 60%, which is also added to the state’s ICMS rate, resulting in an additional cost of 92% on the purchase price.

The exemption mechanism also helps explain why many consumers continue to speak out on social media about the 60% tax on purchases. The exception that applies between individuals and legal entities applies only to companies that are part of Remessa Conformo. Platforms such as Shein, AliExpress and Shopee are already integrated into the government program.

With a new opinion published by the Jota portalwhich received a technical note from the Federal Tax Service, the government will consider a rate of 28%, which will directly affect companies that already follow Remessa Compliance and consumers.

Minister of Finance Fernando Haddad
Image: Adriano Machado/Reuters

“This proposal involves a significant increase in the final cost of goods for the recipient of an international shipment. The advantage of imports will decrease significantly, as the price of national products will become more competitive. Therefore, a change in the behavior of taxpayers is expected, which will have a negative impact on the volume of imports currently observed.” – says the text.

The purpose of the 28% rate will be to increase revenues and promote retail trade in the country. The government expects to raise 2.86 billion reais in 2024 by taxing small international purchases of up to US$50. The perspective will be a decrease in imports by 30%.

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The study that arrived at this revenue value was submitted by Suana (Undersecretariat of Customs Administration) of the Federal Revenue Service and used by the government as a subsidy in the preparation of the 2024 PLOA (Project Annual Budget).

A memo from the federal government said the study’s estimates were made “in a scenario where accurate information about this economic segment was not available.” “Thanks to the appropriate remittance program, with the certification of major companies in the sector, it will be possible to have the most accurate information to assess the appropriate tax rate,” he adds.

The memo clearly states that the final rate may not be 28%. Margins are expected to be between 20% and 40%. Under the scenario rate in which 28% is applied, the total taxation for products up to USD 50, also including ICMS, would be 54.21%.

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