Iñigo Juantegui: from selling his first startup for 80 million to reinventing transportation and health

About fifteen children speed down to the Argo River on bicycles of all colors. “Whoever gets there first wins!” – they shout, pedaling. Surrounded by fields and in platoon formation, they fight for first place, but always looking back to see if everyone is enjoying the course. Their laughter intertwines and luckily they pass each other quickly. It seems that life for them can be described simply like this: moving towards one destiny, always together. This is one of the most vivid memories Iñigo Juantegui the guardian of his cousins ​​and perhaps the moment he realized that in order to begin, you must have a clear vision of the goal and the people you want to share the path with.

As a child, when thinking about the future, he preferred to keep an open mind and dream big: “When I was asked about my ideal career, my answer depended on the last movie I watched. He changed his mind a lot. Although it is true that for a while I wanted to be an inventor. The truth is that this dream is not so far from the current reality. Now, at 39 years old and as the founder of three companies that billed millions of euros shows The capital of Navarre the secret to his success: “Work, commitment, luck and opportunity. “These are the main pillars.”


study Management and control of companies in it University College of Financial Sciences, in Madrid. And although he would like to enjoy a creative vacation traveling the world, he decided to sign up Price Waterhouse Auditors (PwC). He met there Jose del Barriowho will soon become a partner in a big project.

“The original idea for La Nevera Roja came from José del Barrio. In 2008, the only possibility to order food at home in Spain was Telepizza. We saw great business opportunities there.”

They were only 24 years old when they decided to quit their jobs and start their own company: Red refrigerator. “Joseph had the initial idea. In 2008, Spain had the only possibility to order food at home Telepizza. We saw a great business opportunity there,” Iñiga emphasizes. They worked on the project for eight months, while the company Just Eat announced his landing on the peninsula. Also a signature Without an apron began to carve out a niche for himself in this niche. “If we didn’t do it now, they would eat the market. So, with our savings, we decided to take the leap,” he adds.

So they created a web page where the user can access the gastronomic offer of restaurants in their area, make click on the product you wanted to consume and pay online. With the help of this new type of service, institutions have achieved an increase in sales of approximately 25%.

Iñigo talks about that adventure with a smile on his lips, although he admits that at first he mode of operation It was a little confusing: “I received an email with a user’s order and then called the restaurant as if I were a customer. We made the first orders manually, then we automated the process.”

La Nevera Roja has grown and established itself as a market leader, with a presence in more than 600 Spanish locations and 7,000 affiliated restaurants. However, after four years of growth, Iñigo and Jose decided to sell the company for €80 million. German company Rocket Internet bought the project and a year later resold it to Just Eat.


“Suddenly I found myself 28 years old and with a lot of net worth, and I couldn’t be unemployed. “I really wanted to do something,” he says. That’s when it appeared Antonio Lou with a great idea: “He wanted to enter the world of transportation and asked me for help to get started. “I saw an opportunity in this sector and we started working together.”

OnTruck got off to an unprecedented start: “We managed to collect 60 million euros”

OnTruck was established in 2016 with the aim of connecting companies and carriers to “improve the operational accounting of vehicles by making the most of available space”. Its mission is to become Europe’s largest freight chain in style Uber but in the field of goods. In addition, the firm recently opened a branch software to promote technology in logistics companies. “With this new section, we not only bring technological innovation to the industry, but also offer tools designed to meet real-world needs,” says Iñiga, the company’s CEO.

At its inception, OnTruck began in an unprecedented way: “We managed to collect 60 million euros.” But the pandemic has slowed down its development, and after an “unsuccessful streak” the company has now stabilized its turnover at more than 10 million annually. In addition, there are already more than a thousand companies that trust its intelligent solutions for the transportation of goods on pallets, among them XPO Logistics, DHL o Badger.

The firm also already operates in countries such as the UK, France and the Netherlands, although the biggest challenge in the sector is uncertainty: “This is a market that has been hit hard. Logistics is experiencing wild volatility. If it’s not Covid-19, it’s them closing the Panama Canal or China closing four ports and exports stopping for two months… There’s volatility in the supply chain, but I think technology is our big ally, so “We’re working on it.”


And technology is here to stay. In fact, Iñigo sees artificial intelligence (AI) as a great ally, especially in healthcare. That’s why he chose it when he became a co-founder Idoven in 2018, the first AI-powered cardiology platform that expands the physician’s ability to identify, classify and diagnose patients at scale.

In Europe alone, doctors spend more than a million hours each day analyzing patients’ electrocardiogram data to diagnose arrhythmias and other heart conditions. Idoven was born to solve this problem. “A cardiologist friend told me that they have created an artificial intelligence system that reads electrocardiograms and makes diagnoses. It saves time and work. The creation of this project was necessary, it is about saving lives,” he explains.

In 2020, Idoven was recognized as the number one Spanish company in HealthTech. The following year, she was honored with awards for launch the most destructive and the best launch of health in the South Peak

Great sports links like Iker Casillas o Pau Gasol They also want to help prevent cardiovascular disease, so they joined the firm as ambassadors. In fact, the former goalkeeper of Real Madridafter suffering a heart attack during training, credits Idoven AI with “saving his life”.

In 2020, the company was recognized as the number one Spanish company in HealthTech. The following year, she was awarded the prize for launch the most destructive and the best launch Health in the South Peak. Moreover, in 2022 it grew 18.5 million euros in a round led by Insight Partners in northern zone, in which they also participated The wind in business angels like Casillas himself or former top executives an apple in Amazon Diego Piacentini in Sebastian Gunningham.

Iñigo, having entered the home delivery, logistics and healthcare sectors, does not exclude the use of new opportunities in other areas, although this is not yet part of his plans: “I want to devote myself to family and work. I’m not considering other projects, but if they come up I’ll be happy to learn from them.

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