It makes a lot of money on sale day

The entrepreneur, also known as Nanny, surprised by the generous profit she receives during the day of sales.

And the participation of women in the world of entrepreneurship has increased significantly in recent decades. More and more women are opening and running their own successful businesses. However, there is still some gender inequality, with some countries having more female entrepreneurs than others.

Women entrepreneurs have long fought for equality in the business world. But the gender gap has narrowed significantly over the past decade, with women leading the business scene in some countries.

According to a survey conducted by Statista in 2019, the main motivation for entrepreneurship cited most frequently by the percentage of women surveyed in Latin America and the Caribbean was challenge and personal passion, both for entrepreneurs in STEM fields (Science, Engineering, Technology and mathematics) as for other fields. In the case of the women interviewed who entered STEM fields, a second reason that eluded them was the desire to solve pressing problems in their communities and countries. For their part, the motivation with the second highest number of mentions for surveyed entrepreneurs with businesses in non-STEM fields was the desire for economic independence.

According to a study conducted by the company World Association for Entrepreneurship Studies In 49 countries it was found that America latin This is the region with the highest proportion of women who dare to open their own business.

It makes a lot of money on sale day

A social media user known as @jaslin_css left her followers speechless by sharing a video showing her impressive profit from the sale day. In the audiovisual material, you can see her making multiple deliveries, showing an extremely productive day for the entrepreneur.

In the video, you can see how he receives bills of different denominations, from 50 pesos to 100 pesos. From what can be estimated from the contents, the total profit is about 3,765 pesos. This achievement highlights the importance and potential of entrepreneurship in today’s world.

However, the heroine of the video shared an important revelation: although the income seen in the video is impressive, she noted that her real income is only half of this amount. This is because a significant portion of your income must be reinvested to maintain and grow your business.

@jaslin_css I’ve been sharing little deliveries since Saturday 🤍🎀🪞#neni #tijuana #girls #fyp ♬ original sound – spotyfans

Likewise, manicurists are well known to have productive sales days, as they also do touch-ups in addition to nail extensions.

@alineleodette Prices for my work 💅🏻 #preciosuñas #uñas #nails #manicurista #ñas2023 #diciembre #navidad #diseñosdeñas #aline #cozumel #mexico ♬ Storytelling – Adriel

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