Juan Esteve chooses a simple investment strategy that?

“We again have a rather difficult situation on the markets,” he emphasizes Juan Esteve, Chief Investment Officer, KAU Markets. In addition to military conflicts contributing to market indecision, yesterday Jerome Powell announced that interest rates will be kept on hold because inflation has not yet reached the target.

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Stock Market Consulting with Juan Esteve

The investment director of KAU Markets analyzes the current market situation and answers listeners’ questions.

Among the names analyzed, Esteve assures that company chemical German BASF He likes it because he knows how to adapt to different situations, to the changes that can happen in the market. Despite this, he points out that it has fallen since hitting highs at the beginning of the month. On the other hand, the expert does not recommend opening shorts in Nvidia as it is a company that has had some pretty challenging situations, even though it is closely related to AI and new technologies.

Esteve also analyzes the situation of today’s two heroes. This morning the CNMV announced the suspension of the listing Naturgy we are waiting for relevant information. The situation comes as Criteria, the company’s largest shareholder, confirmed yesterday that it is in talks with a potential investor who could buy into the company.

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Naturgy analysis with Juan Esteve, Investment Director of KAU Markets

The other important news of the morning is this Holding ASML after his publication of the results, which were obtained with drops in the opening of about 5%. In the long term, the analyst sees it as very strong, “although it has moments of contraction, it is a company to watch.”

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Analysis of ASML holdings with Juan Esteve, Investment Director of KAU Markets

Respect to Lockheed MartinThe expert notes that arms companies now have a very important attraction for military conflicts. But it is planned that only a small percentage will be in this sector. And about the cosmetic company elven beauty confirms that it is in a “very important” support zone, although it is now in a bit of laterality.


In Golden Minute, you chose US technology companies and the banking and tourism sector Ibex. Listen to their picks here:

A golden moment with Juan Esteve, Investment Director of KAU Markets

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