LUSELIA: The first fair of women entrepreneurs will be held in June

This week, the team from the Secretariat of Economic Development of Adamantina hosted secretaries Ana Claudia Maldonado and Paula Lagoa, as well as journalist Fernanda Crepaldi Candido from the City Hall of Lucelia, to discuss the details of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Fair that will take place in Lucelia on June 8.

On this occasion, representatives of Lucélia inquired about various aspects of the implementation of the program in Adamantine.

“I was already in Lucelia to present the program, and now we see that they are working on holding the fair, which is very positive, because it is another door that opens for entrepreneurs in the region,” says Luciano Pereira, Secretary of Economic Development.

During the meeting, Luciana also made recommendations on the importance of women’s training and participation. “Even though attendance is not mandatory, these moments are important for the team to get to know the entrepreneurs and also to pass on the knowledge that allows the business to grow,” he comments.

Luciana also emphasized the holding of decentralized fairs in Adamantine. “The program started a year ago and now we allow entrepreneurs to be in other environments, so we will have a second decentralized fair on May 10 and 11 with their presence here at the Municipal Palace,” he adds.

Lucélia representatives will now take the next steps towards holding a fair in a neighboring municipality with the opening of registration and the announcement of training courses.

The Women’s Entrepreneurship Fair, which started in Adamantine in March 2023, now has over 200 entrepreneurs and has also motivated the Women’s Entrepreneurship Fair in Pacoemba.

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