Minas Gerais state governor criticizes Chinese BYD and GWM investments on Brazilian soil

Electric cars spark controversy: Minas Gerais state governor criticizes;  Chinese enterprises BYD and GWM are investing in Brazilian land
Governor Romeo Zema criticizes the expansion of electric cars in Brazil (Image / Reproduction: CANVA)

Romeu Zema opposes it, but Chinese companies are creating jobs and factories for batteries and electric cars in Brazil

It is no news that electric cars have caused a stir not only in the automotive market, but also in the political sphere.

In a recent statement, the governor of the state of Minas Gerais, Romeu Zema, who owns a network of gas stations, did not spare the criticism of the trams. According to him, the adoption of these vehicles will be “a threat to our jobs.”

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Clash: Imported Batteries vs. Local Jobs

According to Zem, the promotion of electric cars This would mean the import of batteries and the destruction of jobs associated with the production of internal combustion engines. But look, the reality is a little different.

Chinese companies such as BYD and GWM are not only investing in electric cars because they already have factories on the national territory. And also: art BYD has already opened a battery factory that has been operating in Brazil since August 2020.

The governor’s criticism contradicts itself by ignoring that BYD and GWM create jobs, rather than deleting them. Local production of batteries will grow, with greater demand from electric vehicle manufacturers, creating even more jobs.

Components and service

Zema also touched on the point that electric cars require less maintenance. His vision collides with the reality of the market, as more than 90% of cars sold in Brazil still run on combustion.

Replacement parts continue to be produced for older models, ensuring service jobs in the sector.

Competition on the Brazilian market is intensifying

Governor Romeo Zema criticizes the expansion of electric cars in Brazil (Video / Reproduction: GARAGEM 2.0)

Meanwhile, on the consumer side, electric cars have success. For example, the BYD Dolphin sold over 1,000 units last month.

In addition, such models as Ora 03 by GWM eo Peugeot e2008 have shown that the electric market is competitive and has options for every budget.

Controversies aside, one thing is certain: electric cars are here to stay. Criticism from politicians and businessmen will not change the fact that the industry is growing and consumers know it. It’s like a wheel of evolution that never stops.

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