Mineira opens a chain of cafes selling coffee-based cosmetics and earns 3.7 million reais | Franchises

After getting married in 2004, Villela returned to her hometown, Tres Pontas (Mogilia region), having received a pharmaceutical and biochemical education, and decided to implement her entrepreneurial project. “We’ve done university-sponsored research, we’ve analyzed the entire chemical composition of coffee and we’ve seen that raw green beans before roasting are extremely antioxidant-rich,” he explains. Thus, Kapeh was born.

In order to make the business viable, a business plan was developed, which involves the outsourcing of production in industries, according to formulas developed by the entrepreneur. The initial investment was about 300,000 reais – in current prices. The company was established with a line of five products including moisturisers, bars and liquid soaps, and with sales targeting individual perfumeries, pharmacies and spas. He even had a small store in the city in 2011, but eventually focused on multi-brand operations.

In 2019, the first unit was opened in Belo Horizonte, which will continue the expansion plan with a proven model. The pandemic that started in 2020 eventually delayed Kapeh’s expansion plans. Thus, the network began to form in 2022.

“In the beginning, coffee as a drink is what attracts people. Over time, profits from cosmetics begin to grow. Typically, stores open with 70% coffee, 30% cosmetics, and over time this changes to 60% cosmetics and 30% coffee,” says Villela. Today, units include snacks such as cheese rolls, paninis and croissants – all served with coffee butter.

Throughout his career at the helm, Kapeh Vilela has received national and international recognition for his initiative to bring coffee into other areas. Some of the trophies on the entrepreneur’s shelf are the Empretec Women in Business Award promoted by the United Nations, Young Global Leader (YGL) by the World Economic Forum and Rising Talent by the Women’s Forum on Economy and Society,

Kapeh works with three franchise models: a kiosk that requires an initial investment of R$177,900; a compact store with you, which costs from R$ 298,900; and a premium store from R$ 359,000. Today, out of 14 open stores, 11 are premium or compact stores and three kiosks.

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