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Cake and tart specialist Bruno Pitango, who produces and markets courses for other entrepreneurs, has gone viral online with an unusual creation. With a total turnover from classes of 600,000 reais, Pitanga strives to always innovate the products it teaches students. It was like that, thinking about a an idea For memorable dates, the confectioner created a savory cake in the shape of a gift box.

Various hot videos already have more than 8 million views on the page Fantastic recipecreated by Pitanga at a time when gastronomy was still just a hobby. According to the entrepreneur, traditional savory dough is used for the pie, and it can be filled with various flavors. The recommended final price of the product varies from 300 to 500 reais depending on the content and position of the company..

Since December of last year, when he started sharing a video of a spicy cake in a gift format, the confectioner has already gained more than 50,000 new followers on Instagram. In the comments, users praised the creation and asked for details about the manufacturing process, which the entrepreneur keeps for students in his course.

“We are constantly learning and researching to improve more and more. Our goal is to play a housewife, pastry chef, barmaid, salt shaker, etc. to know that good can be done additional income or even living solely on pastry, even working in the home kitchen, which is exactly how we live,” says Pitanga.

All the work in the confectionery and gastronomy sphere has always been done in the kitchen of an entrepreneur who started with cooking hot dishes and switched to confectionery in search of more profit. After graduating in graphic design and interior design, Pitanga turned his hobby into a profession during the pandemic when he started selling cakes. Over time, customers began to ask for savory snacks, which is why the confectioner added pies to the menu.

“That’s what changed everything. The savory pie has become our staple because it has received great reception and feedback from our customers. During 2020, I specialized in this product and perfected the production technology so that I could produce on a large scale,” says the businessman, who made 72 units in one weekend, even working alone.

With the success of her pies, Pitanga began to live solely on gastronomy, earning up to 38,000 Brazilian reals a month just from her work and the help of her delivery husband, Eduardo Souza. Always sharing products on his Instagram page, the entrepreneur began to receive requests for his recipes on a daily basis.

“Then I discovered this demand in the market and decided to make an e-book with a step-by-step recipe for salted shrimp cakes. It was the end of 2020 when I started selling this e-book at 59.90 reais each. In just a few months, we sold more than 500 units,” recalls the confectioner.

According to Pitanga, the sale of the infoproduct led to a significant increase in revenue, which led the entrepreneur to convert from an individual micro entrepreneur (MEI) to a micro enterprise (ME). Unable to expand production for supply due to physical space, the confectioner was looking for a place to set up a physical store. However, seeing that the search for e-books is constantly growing, he decided to change his strategy: to stop producing cakes and pies for sale and to focus on the production of digital content.

Currently, Bruno Pitango and Eduardo Souza work as partners and create online courses and e-books about cakes and savory pies. With more than 2,700 students in more than 20 countries, the couple has already earned 600,000 reais from information products alone. Revenue is expected to reach 1 million reais by the end of 2024.

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