Recomeçar Card: The Government of Rio benefits more than 3,600 families throughout the state

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The form of a new start to help citizens who have lost furniture or even a part of their house is destroyed. The Recomeçar card, which is paid in one-time installments and costs 3,000 Brazilian reals, is a state government aid for families in municipalities that have declared a disaster or emergency. In November and December 2023, more than 3,600 postcards were delivered. The last cities to be covered this Monday, November 12, were Bom Jesus do Itabapoana with 236 units and Campos dos Goytacazes with 436.

“We are giving our people a chance to get back on their feet after the rains. This is an advantage that helps to start a new path with furniture, household appliances or even building materials. We know how difficult this moment is after the tragedy, but we are here with solidarity and an effective response that demonstrates the involvement of the state,” explains the Secretary of Social Development and Human Rights Rosangela Gomez.

In addition to helping families, Recomeçar will generate direct income of around R$8 million in the municipalities of the North and Northwest regions alone, the cities most affected by the rains, such as Campo dos Goitacazes, Bom Jesús de -Itabapoana, Mirasema, Santo Antonio of Padua, Loge do Muriae, Aperibe and Itacar.

“My house was completely flooded, I lost everything. I had to leave the house. Now with the restart card in hand, I’m going to redo the wall, the roof of the house, the door. I can’t afford to buy it. I don’t have a husband, so this help is very important for me so that I can start over,” says Marlene Cristian de Abreu, 45, a resident of Ilha do Cunha in Campus dos Goitacazis.

In November, the benefit was extended to other cities. In the Valle Paraíba region, the municipalities of Valence, Volta Redondo, Barra do Piraí and Engenheiro Paulo de Frontín received the cards, with a total of 346 units delivered. In the metropolitan region of San Gonzalo next Thursday, December 14, will be the next city to receive 715 Recomeçar cards. A total of 1.1 million reais will be invested in the Valle Paraiba region and 2.1 million reais in the metropolitan region.

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