Riga launches a call to entrepreneurs: he set only THREE conditions

Rigobert Uranusknown as one of the most important Colombian cyclists in the world, continues to support Colombian entrepreneurship and launched open call to all entrepreneurs to share their innovative proposals.

The cyclist, known for his participation in international competitions, announced the initiative on his social networks, inviting everyone who is interested in implementing his projects.

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The contest establishes two key conditions for participation: participants must send a video under one minute where they present their entrepreneurial idea in a creative way, and They have 48 hours to do this.

Rigoberto Uran emphasizes the importance of the participants being able to sell their business idea in this short period of time.

Be careful, it should be less than 1 minute. You have 48 hours to submit your suggestions. After 48 hours, no one is classified. This is the minute you have to sell me your business idea and why you should be chosen,” Uranus explained on his social media.

The call was launched to support Colombian entrepreneurs and we offer them a unique opportunity to promote their projects.

Riga made it clear that the company ““Then I Go” will 100% back the winnerproviding you with the support you need to realize your enterprise.

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