Roraima’s government fears a wave of refugees with tensions between Venezuela and Guyana

The government of Raraimawhat border Guyana d Venezuela, fears that the worsening of the crisis in the region will cause a wave of migration of citizens from both countries to the state, which is already a destination for refugees. “All migration costs are borne by the state government and they overburden the exchequer and public services,” the management says Antonio Denarius (PP), in a note addressed to Column.

About the governor of Roraima, Antonio Denario (PP). photo: Dida Sampaio/Estadão

The crisis between Venezuela and Guyana is caused by a centuries-old territorial dispute over Essequibo. The region is now part of Guyana, but is claimed by the Maduro dictatorship, which held a plebiscite last week proposing to annex nearly 70% of Guyana. The place has huge oil reserves and is the engine of the country’s economic growth, the largest in the world in 2022.

“The government of Roraima is concerned about the possibility that if tensions worsen, there will be an increase in the migration of Venezuelans and the beginning of the migration of Guyanese,” the memo said. “It is important to emphasize that more than 1 million Venezuelans have already entered the territory of Brazil, of which 700,000 cross the Roraima border, and of these, about 180,000 already make up the state’s population.”

Roraima says it maintains good relations with Venezuela and Guyana and hopes that “the dispute over the territory corresponding to Essequibo will be resolved peacefully and without harm to the populations of the countries involved.”

Yesterday, Minister A Protection, Jose Musiu Monteirostated this Monday, 11, that Armed forces not allow “under any circumstances” the Venezuelan army to enter Brazilian territory to invade Guyana. “They will come through Guyana only if they pass through Brazilian territory, and we will not allow that under any circumstances,” the defense minister said.

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