Senator Alan Rick wants electricity tax cuts –

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Senator Alan Riek (União-AC) is pushing for electricity to be considered a necessary good for reduced rates in the tax reform under consideration in the Senate.

Although in Supplementary Law No. 194/2022 electric energy is considered important for taxation purposes, the text of the tax reform bill (PEC 45/2019) that came from the Chamber of Deputies does not contain this provision. In response to this gap, the senator introduced an amendment to the PEC to include electricity in the list of goods and services for which the value added tax (VAT) rate will be reduced. “The northern region of Brazil faces a difficult reality, with the highest electricity tariffs in the country and a large part of the population living with limited resources. With this measure, we will not allow it to become even more expensive,” the senator claims.

Electricity is fundamental to enabling a variety of opportunities, including the use of modern technology and the stimulation of economic growth. Any increase in its cost leads to an increase in inflation, which negatively affects the entire population, especially the less privileged. The senator adds: “Although we have a social tariff for low-income families, when the cost of energy increases, all production costs and, accordingly, the price of final products increase. And then everyone pays for it.” The Social Tariff offers discounts of 65% to 100% for families registered with CadÚnico, with members benefiting from continuous payment benefits (BPC), as well as for indigenous people and quilambolas.

Suspension of promotions

In the Committee on Infrastructure this Tuesday the 24th, senators approved the suspension of the National Electricity Agency (ANEEL) resolutions that have led to the increase in energy costs, especially in Accra and Randonia. Given that electric energy is considered important to the public, these changes could not be implemented without prior analysis by the National Congress. Therefore, the project was presented and approved today in the Senate committee. The proposal has already received approval in the Chamber of Deputies and is awaiting analysis by the CCJ of the Senate.

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