Sólides buys 2easy’s Digital Payroll division

And HRTech Solid announced this Thursday (18) the second acquisition in its history. Two years after purchase Tangerinestartup acquires Digital Payroll division 2 is easy, a company specializing in the management of payroll, human resources and benefits management processes. The purchase price, however, was not disclosed.

With acquisition, art Solid integrates digital payroll into your portfolio using advanced technology, 100% digital cloud processing and a low price, up to 30% lower than other payrolls on the market, with the ability to process payroll in minutes.

In a conversation with v StartupsMonica Hauk, President and Founder Solidsaid that since the company was founded in 2010, there has been strong customer demand for digital payroll. She also added that HRTech has been looking for M&A opportunities since its first acquisition.

“This was already a search we were making, as we saw an extremely traditional market with old technologies that created difficulties for small and medium-sized enterprises. Digital payroll was a big flaw in our proposition to offer everything they needed for HR and DP in one place,” he said.

Solids Digital Sheet

The Digital Folha solution will be integrated into the HRTech suite of solutions, renamed Sólides Folha Digital. Payroll is a legal obligation used for administrative and tax purposes through a detailed record of each employee’s wages and benefits, including base salary, hours worked, taxes and deductions, with a list of all company payments.

Manual payroll and record keeping processes are still the common choice for many small businesses, and this makes things slower and prone to human error. Current systems on the market have been offering the same solution for decades. These are platforms with outdated technology that take hours or even days to run an entire payroll, and many lack self-service solutions for employees and managers.

In addition to automating the calculation of salaries and discounts in real time, the new solution from Solid process advantages, improved operational efficiency and saved time and resources that can be directed to more strategic activities. In addition, the Sólides solution also serves as an internal data portal that enables information management.

In the last two years of Art Solid is working on diversifying its portfolio of products and services for small and medium-sized businesses. Last year, the startup launched Escola de Pessoas, a platform for continuous education in people management, which has already reached more than 100,000 people.

The company also introduced Turnover Radar, a solution that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to support client companies in retaining their talent.
Other steps taken in 2023 were the introduction of the Sólides Benefícios flexible benefits card in addition to the job portal, with tens of thousands of jobs every month across the country.

“Sólides Folha Digital is more than a new product or launch, it is the most important step in our strategic vision to offer everything HR and HR needs of SMEs in one place. This is another step towards our mission to make SMEs stronger and more competitive,” Monika concludes.

*Photographed by Ale Garcia and Monica Hauk, co-founders of Sólides/Credit: Disclosure

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