SP Government will provide free and personalized support for the development of start-ups

The initiative will identify the “pains” of companies, which will be tackled by experts in the field of management and innovation

InvestSP, the investment promotion agency associated with the Secretariat of Economic Development of the State of São Paulo (SDE), in partnership with other institutions and experts, will support startups from São Paulo for free that need guidance to develop their business and offer innovative solutions. The first class of the InvestSP Innovation Incentive Program started with 20 selected companies from sectors such as: healthcare, agribusiness, hygiene and personal care, marketing, and machinery and equipment.

The initiative allows entrepreneurs to indicate the main “pains” in doing business. These may be problems, concerns or needs related to, for example: business model, commercialization, access to credit, pricing, internationalization, research, marketing, expansion and personnel management.

Based on messages from the companies themselves, InvestSP will connect startups with experts who can help solve problems. Among the partners who will be able to support the participants: the Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation (SCTI), Desenvolvimento SP, Inova USP, Sebrae, universities and state technology parks.

“This is an unprecedented initiative that seeks to understand the “pains” of an entrepreneur and directly affect the problem. Such actions, added to the state’s research and innovation infrastructure with the best universities and research centers in the country, are fundamental for São Paulo to become more competitive and establish itself as the largest innovation center in Latin America,” says director of projects and innovation at InvestSP, Thiago Camargo.

During the year, four individual meetings will be held between each startup and representatives of InvestSP to understand the requirements of the companies and direct them to contacts with experts. In addition, seminars will be held every two months, also with the support of partner institutions such as: universities, organizations that support startups, and government bodies. All meetings will be virtual.

It should be noted that according to the Brazilian Association of Startups (Abstartups), there are currently about 14,000 startups in Brazil. The majority, almost four out of every 10, are in the state of São Paulo. The country’s companies operate mainly in the following sectors: education, finance, healthcare, technology and retail. The average income of startups is about 900 thousand reais per year.

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