SP Govt launches ferry crossing auction project

The Sao Paulo state government has launched a project to privatize ferry crossings. At a meeting of the secretariats of the investment partnership (SPI) and the environment, infrastructure and logistics (Semil), which took place on Wednesday (6), the schedule of studies that precede the auction was determined.

The project of the Tarcísio de Freitas government (published) envisages the concession of the collective public service of the waterways of 14 crossings, eight of which are coastal, three of the ferry system of the Metropolitan Water and Energy Company (Emae) and three of the Paraiboun Reservoir. Currently, the Semila Waterways Department (DH) is responsible for the operation of these crossings.

Coastal crossings include important routes such as San Sebastián-Illabella, Santos-Vicente de Carvalho, Santos-Guaruja, Bertioga-Guaruja, Cananeya-Illa-Camprida, Iguape-Jureya, Cananeya-Continente and Cananeya-Ariri.

According to Semilo, research for the project will be carried out by the Companhia Paulista de Parcerias (CPP) with specialized technical support from the Fundação Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas (Fipe).

Together, they will assess the feasibility of incorporating environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) strategies into the provision of services to future private partners. The auction is scheduled for early 2025.

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