Stefanini is targeting the public sector for AI solutions

Brazilian technology multinational Stefanini is expanding its range of artificial intelligence solutions to include the public sector in its client list. In partnership with the Office of the Public Defender of the State of São Paulo, the company implemented a system of digital accessibility of services that is already in the sights of other states.

The system is powered by chatbots—automatic chats with an artificial intelligence engine—that citizens can use to schedule appointments, upload documents, and even hire defense attorneys via WhatsApp. On the other hand, the application reminds citizens about an appointment, the status of the process or the need for additional documentation.

Since the introduction of the system, from July 27 to August 15, absenteeism in the defense department has decreased by 8%, and today it has increased to 15% – by the end of the year, we expect to reach 30%. The results should allow Stefanini to communicate the decision to other authorities in Brazil’s new states.

The company’s strategy is supported by a recent statement by the President of the Federal Supreme Court, Luis Roberto Barroso, on the use of artificial intelligence in the judicial system. In his first session at the National Council of Justice (CNJ), the minister says he has met tech majors Amazon, Microsoft and Google to commission artificial intelligence solutions capable of helping the judiciary.

The company has a solution that combines generative artificial intelligence, computer vision and semantic search to extract data from PDF documents and images, such as legal investigations, to summarize results, find specific moments and identify passages of text. The idea is to submit a decision to the judiciary this week.

“When Minister Barroso said he’s been talking to big tech that he wants to see some specific things, we’ll be the first company to show them,” says Alex Winecki, CEO of Woopi, an AI company from the Stefanini Group. “We will show it next week, but we have been working on it since March,” the executive said at a dinner with journalists last Friday (20).

In partnership with Microsoft, the company hopes to bring the solution to the public sector and claims to be a leader in this movement in the legal industry. “We know we will also revolutionize the back office industry. Because almost all banks and insurance companies in Brazil still have a great need for document processing,” says Vinetsky.

Focus on artificial intelligence

For 12 years, Stefanini has focused his efforts on AI-related products, and with the explosion of generative AI, especially through chatbots like ChatGPT, “he got the upper hand for the first time” with investments, the company jokes. CEO Marco Stefanini. “Unlike other companies that have to learn how to use it, we’ve been using it for years. And we have already started,” says Stefanini.


By 2026, the company plans to invest 1 billion reais in mergers and acquisitions and artificial intelligence. Many of the solutions offered by the company today already use artificial intelligence – for example, cases in the public sector. However, the focus is on maturing sectors and exploring new opportunities.

Much attention is now being paid to the automation of production processes. “The industrial sector lags far behind digital transformation in general, not just in Brazil. And today we have very advanced solutions, including in the markets of North America and Europe,” says Stefanini.

The company is already working with a company in the industrial sector – as yet unannounced – on a solution capable of reducing pollution in steel production and the consequences that arise from it, such as machine downtime, accidents and financial losses. The solution will anticipate such problems and warn you about possible blockages in the mechanism.

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