The City Hall of Colonia do Piaui signs a partnership with SEBRAE for the “Education that Transforms” program

Colony of Piaui

18/04/2024 – 09:13

The City Hall of Colonia do Piaui signs a partnership with SEBRAE for the program

The municipality of Colonia do Piauí, through the municipal department of education, formalized its commitment to the “Education that transforms” program in partnership with SEBRAE, this Wednesday afternoon, the 17th. The action takes place within the framework of the Cidade Empreendedora program

The program aims to strengthen the axis of entrepreneurial education in schools, one of the 10 points on which the entrepreneurial city program worked. This axis is aimed at training school leaders and teachers, promoting a broad vision of education focused on citizenship and qualifications for work. The SEBRAE initiative aims not only to promote entrepreneurship as a business generator, but also as a way for the personal and collective development of the citizens of Piaui.

The entrepreneurship education program aims to foster skills such as creativity, innovation, problem-solving and decision-making that enable people to be agents of transformation in their lives and communities. “By encouraging this process from school onwards, we create a favorable environment for the emergence of new enterprises in the municipalities of Piaui, contributing to the development of the state”, – emphasizes the importance of the program Edinaldo Damasena, Secretary of Education of the Colony. make Piauí.

Members of the Department of Education of Colonia do Piaui have already participated in a meeting organized by SEBRAE in Floriano, where they had the opportunity to learn more about the program, which aims to spread entrepreneurship education throughout the state of Piaui. The event was attended by the Municipal Secretary of Education Edinaldo Damaskano, the principal of the Maria Marota School, Cristian Santos, and the principal of the Eliza Barroso School, Edilso Marquez.

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