The cooperative, which originated from Hering, has assets of more than 21 billion reais

Special check fees start at 3.10% per month (plus TR). In traditional financial institutions, the interest rate on special checks for legal entities ranges from 2.10% to 15.83% per month. See the website of the Central Bank.

Common sense believes that MEPs (individual micro-entrepreneurs), micro- and small entrepreneurs have no place in large financial institutions. When they do, the prices and solutions are usually very standardized, the difficulty is to find a solution that meets the needs of that entrepreneur and prices that go well beyond sustainable and make the business viable
Adelina Sasse, Product and Business Director, Central Ailos

The assets are more than R$ 21 billion. In other words, it is the amount that the Ailos system manages for all participants, including investments, savings and home financing. Of this total, R$14 billion is in the hands of cooperative members, for example through credit lines and financing.

Another service is the sale of insurance. Ailos maintains an exclusive insurance brokerage to serve its members in addition to partnering with other insurance companies in the country. All contracts (life insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, private pension, etc.) can be concluded through the Ailos app.

Cooperative members can have a store on the Ailos platform. Ailos Aproxima is a trading platform where members can create a digital store and sell their products there. Another action is the holding of fairs in small towns (5-10 per year), where entrepreneurs exhibit their products. Another platform (Progrid EAD) offers free courses for members and the community.

The minimum quota for joining the cooperative is 1 real. However, cooperative members join with an average capital quota of 200 reais.

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