The government announces the return of Vale-Gás and surprises with new prices

Came back! The famous gasoline voucher is returning to the hands of Brazilian citizens. The announcement of social assistance promoted by the federal government was very surprising with established value and promised to stimulate the economy in the most vulnerable segments. Below you can find all the details of this initiative.

Initially, the petrol voucher was on the scene for several years. The news, however, came in December as it marked the return of benefits of unprecedented importance. Based on the average price of a 13 kg gas cylinder, the government decided to set an aid of 110.00 reais. This figure is a relief for many families, allowing greater access to this essential item in their homes.

What is a gas voucher and when will I receive it?

The government announces the return of Vale-Gás and surprises with new prices

The gas voucher is an aid offered by the federal government to all citizens registered in the Bolsa Família program. With an emphasis on providing additional income to people in socioeconomic vulnerability, the program underwent changes in 2023, and now the basic amount of assistance is 600.00 reais with the possibility of additional amounts.

This means that the family will benefit not only from the initial amount. In addition, the payment calendar that will be used for Vale-Gás this December must be taken into account. Here, the final number of your Social Identification Number (NIS) is the key link:

  • End of NIS 1: December 11;
  • NIS 2 End: December 12;
  • NIS 3 End: December 13;
  • End of NIS 4: December 14;
  • End of NIS 5: December 15;
  • End of NIS 6: December 18;
  • End of NIS 7: December 19;
  • End of NIS 8: December 20;
  • End of NIS 9: December 21;
  • End of NIS 0: December 22;

How can I find out more about the Bolsa Família program?

For more information about Bolsa Família and how it can help you and your family, visit the program’s official website. In this space, you can clear all your doubts regarding eligibility, registration and other important points. Stay informed to take advantage of all the benefits that are within your reach!

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